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The Issues in Nicaragua Seem to be Escalating

I had been reading that all the protesting and violence in Nicaragua was far from the tobacco growing/production areas of the country. But that looks to be changing as the trucking routes are now being blocked preventing product from reaching the shipping ports.

Maybe this will get the current government's attention now that it's hitting them in the pocketbook.

Just read about this.

Looks like Nicaragua is starting to practice democracy. Hopefully the Padron’s will step in and help solve this problem- having been thru this situation already.


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War is often bad for tobacco since it's bad for Everything, duh! Hopefully, the outcome will be worth the suffering but color me doubtful. Most likely jackels of some multinational interest. But who knows!


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Our local B&M had our usual Wednesday night out for “da boys” and like you, always good BS, talk about the games etc.

In the process he mentioned he was going to the upcoming IPCPR with the full intention of spending $100K to get as many nic’s as he could, of course based on what sell best at the shop. The basic belief by the folks like General Tobacco etc. is this is not going to end soon. He wants to be prepared and is not willing to sit back and “see what happens”. Can’t say that I blame him.