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The Pass with Class

Matt R

That's #1 Member to you. :)
Jan 5, 2001
So, I think I am going to do a pass, but I needed to come up with some kind of hook to it. It's been several years since I have actually hosted a pass and fell like 2007 is a good year to jump back into it. So, I will be doing a pass and it will be high end, but not too high end. No Davidoffs, Dunhills, etc. to start with. I'll come up with the list tonight and post it here.

The twist... eleven people will be allowed to participate in this pass. No one with less than one year at Cigar Pass. Other than that, it'll be sort of a posting war to see who gets to play. Sign up here and I will take the odd number posts. In other words, this is post one, post two is void, post three is the first person in the pass, post four is void, post five is the second person and so on. After the tenth person is registered, post #21 if no one posts something other than a sign up, there will be alottery for the final person to be included. So, if you didn't get signed up for the first ten, keep trying, you could be selected for #11. #11 will also receive a bonus for winning their spot in the pass. All regular pass rules apply, though you'll find I'm not quite a picky about dollar for dollar type trades. So, let's get it going....

Pass list:

'98 Upmann #4 petite corona
'97 Bolivar Inmensa
'98 Partagas Series du Conniseur #2 cabinet
~'98 Custom rolled/handmade Partagas Culebra
'01 El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme cabinet
'03 Juan Lopez #1
'01 Ramon Allones corona cabinet
'98 Saint Luis Rey petite corona cabinet
~'99 Toboada Salamones (bought in '99, could have been rolled in '98)
'05 Montecristo #4 petite corona
'00 La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'oro #2
? Custom rolled Cohiba blend salamones
recent Fuente Work of Art maduro
'05 release Fuente 858 sungrown
1 pair of Fuente Between the Lines black cap opposing wrapped "twins" (to be counted as one unit)
Behike "second" or fake, whichever you prefer to call it
Behike same as above

Pass order:
1 Devin Cole PA
2 CoventryCat86 CT
3 tone-ny NY
4 Castaway FL
5 preembargo TX
6 marcsheldon TX
7 bfreebern OK
8 NorCalCgrLvr CA
9 strayvector AZ
10 BlindedByScience WA
11 Swissy AK
12 Zach IL
then back home
I'd love to be in the pass, but I'm not at one year yet :angry:

Next post will be odd though!!
I know what you smoke, so respectfully, out. Besides, I'm a few days short of a year. :D
Thus far:

2Devin Cole