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New Member
Nov 19, 2002
Okay fellas, this should be fairly easy.
I've got a box of Toraño Exodus 1959 Torpedo I want to give away.
In the recent issue of Cigar Aficionado, there was a nice write up on Carlos Toraño himself. The first person who can give me the page #'s where there is a picture of Carlos, takes the box.
Good luck!
Very good Joe, now send me half since I told you the answer and I am such a nice guy. :) Or, maybe Frank could just give 'em to me in a couple weeks and I'll send you your half. LMAO!!!! :D
I got your address bro. I'll be more than happy to spread some wealth if I indeed do win. It's the Holidays you know!! :D
Well Joe jumped on this one quick...plus I can't find that damn CA issue anywhere (go figure)...but just in case Matt gave him the wrong page...I'll guess pg.147...just for giggles. :D :p :D
Dang :( Looks like I'm gona have to stay online 24x7 now. Always a day late and a dollar short. ???
I was reading the contest again and it asked for the #'s, meaning more than 1 :p . So.......................... 148,149
sure wish I had a copy of the CA Mag, so I could look through it and WIN!!! :D
ah crap, Joe nailed that one.

'tis 148. Way to go brohaa, those are some good smokes
Frank, it would have been a lot easier if you would have just delared me the winner by default. :)
Sorry Joe P, you forgot one...... I really feel bad.....ROFLMAO! :D

I believe the answer you're looking for is pages 148, 165, and 211.

:thumbs: :p :thumbs: