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Maybe someone can help with this... I thought i saw a topic on one of the forums somewhere that vacuum sealing your cigars would kill the chance of a beatle attack. Like put them in a mason jar and vacuum seal them with one of those Tillia Food Saver sealers. Instead of freezing them. Then put 'em in the humi.

Does anyone here do that? Would it work rather that the freezing method?


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Just a guess based on total speculation...I would guess freezing would be safest/surest way to end any possible beetle attack...The food saver would rob the cigar of "breathing" (or w/e u call it). I guess the vacuum seal would keep the beetle from being able to hatch or grow with no oxygen. Not sure if there would be ill effects to the seegars..I would imagine so, but like I said this is pure speculation....So cigar "snob" is having a stroke somewhere rigth now...COOOOLLLL!!....hang in there and see ya round..maybe later we will do that trade... :D :D



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Knock on wood, I have never had a beetle problem...Yet. I keep all my stogies at 65 - 68 humidity and in a dark, cool spot. As they say, When it's your turn....aint' nuttin' you can do bout it :(


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I believe the post you refer to was sealing the sticks prior to freezing. Every thing I have read says freezing is the only way to be sure. With that said, keeping the temp 70 or below and the humidity 70 or below you shouldn't have a problem. No guarentees, $hit happens. :0


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Thanks for the replies...

It talked about the vacuum pressure being to much for the beetles and eggs to stand and would destroy them. (i think) But now I cant remember where it was, and do not know the outcome of the topic.

I have been using the freezing method but thought that may save some time if it worked.