Weekend at the Northwest Cabin


Lobstah; the other white meat!
Feb 24, 2008
IMG_1732.JPG IMG_1733.JPG IMG_1735.JPG IMG_1736.JPG IMG_1737.JPG IMG_1738.JPG The Connecticut chapter of the Aplilacian Mountain Club ownes some property in Salisbury Ct. It's about a mile off the Apilacian Trail and can be accessed from the AT which has three different routes to hike in from, the distances ranging from 3 to 6 miles. Or, you drive up a hard packed gravel road about 15 miles from downtown Salisbury and hike 1/4 mile to the cabin. I'll give you one guess which way my wife wants to access the cabin.
The cabin has a wood stove for heat, which wasn't needed this weekend, a 15' counter, a table for 6 on the first floor and 6 bunks on the second floor. Like most off the path camps there's a fire pit, picnic tables and stream for wash water. The trails to get to the AT run about 200 yards to the north so we may see or hear some people it's very secluded. We go with a another couple, this being our third year. We carried in beaners and wieners for Friday night and steaks, potatoes for baking and vegibles for roasting last night.
We did a new hike yesterday that had us crest 3 mountain tops, Round Mountain in CT, Mount Frissel in MA and Brace Mountain in NY. All of the summits were around 2200 feet in elevation and the hike, with stopping for lunch, took about 5 hours. We were back with plenty of time to wash and relax for a couple hours before happy hour. Of course the whole thing works because our wives are both art teachers, same town different school, and both the husbands like cigars, we all like gin and or scotch. Once again we had a great time.