What music are you listening to currently?


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It takes all kinds of musicians, but damn. I've never been able to get into that kind of music. If I can't understand the lyrics, I lose interest.
Agreed, it isn't for everyone, and even I don't listen to this genre that often as a whole. When I do, I don't try to listen to the lyrics, I just hear them as part of the overall sound. What I love about Meshuggah's style is the way the drummer approaches the music, and the odd time signatures of the guitars.

Sometimes the cacophony just turns into white noise for me and helps me concentrate.


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Listening to a lot of Chris Cornell lately. Both the "Live In Sweden" disc (Thanks, Santa!), and the iTunes essentials collection. It's so hard to accept that he's really dead, especially the way it happened, when listening to his music.


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Samantha Fish played a free show near me last year and smoked it for 90 minutes. If you haven't heard her or Walter Trout do some searching on the interweb.

I'm glad she's getting some recognition. She's not a phenomenal guitar player, but she's good. Damn good, and has emotion. Doesn't hurt that she usually wears extremely short dresses on stage, as well. Aside from the looks, she's a pretty good guitar player... but we covered that. I admit I was at first put off by her stage appearance and tried finding reasons not to like her, figuring that she was depending on her sex appeal to provide her popularity instead of her talent. She's won me over, though, and I admire her style and her tone as much as I admire her legs.