Whiskey or Whisky Recommendations for the Churchill Late Hour

Johnny B

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Ok, hold up. It seams like everyone here is all about the rye. So I have JD single barrel, Angels envy, templeton, and then honorable mention in the bourbon category includes Elijah craig Small or Single ,Jack Daniels Single or Gentleman, Makers Mark and Blantons. Then for scotch, we have Balvenie Double wood and finally Johnnie Walker Double Black- thank you Gregg77! This is a pretty nice looking list. Should get me through to the fall.
I can add a couple to the scotch list. The Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 12 and Macallan 15 are both very good as well. The Balvenie Double Wood is probably the best bang for the buck. As are the Aberlour 12 and Glenmorangie The Original.


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My current fave reasonably priced bourbon is plain old Makers Mark. At a higher price point, Blanton's is very tough to beat. With a cube in the glass....bliss. JMHO, YMMV, etc...
I support this. Hard to beat a fair priced makers mark. Also rebel yell single barrel is around the same price for reasonably priced items. I did the scotch for a little while but my wallet couldn’t support both a cigar AND scotch habit. Lol. Hope this helps some

cabaiguan juan

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The first one was awesome. The second one had a slightly different band (like they changed band manufacture or something) then the first and was ok. I’ll get another one when I come across them again.