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I'm in the present tense. One day, I hope to be in the past tense. Hey, it's important to have goals. Cool smoke & Long ashes to all.
Nick Era blocked me for assuming he is transgender, if you do not worship the ground he walks on he will literally bar you block you and kick you out he is a transgender by the way
Hello, I’m looking to purchase Cubans locally from someone who goes to Cuba a lot. I’m located in Orlando FL I’m willing to pay any price for some Trinidad’s, Montes, Romeos. I’m desperate, Cubans are my favorite I don’t want to smoke anything else. I’m willing to cover shipping and I’m willing to drive hours just for some Cubans.
Had to take a break for medical reasons. Hopefully no more breaks.
Hope all is well
Yes, thank you. Had a bout with thyroid cancer. Been good for 9 years now. Figured it was time to have a cigar again and see what I've been missing.
Keystone...damn...I missed your Padron sale again! Any idea when you may be doing your next one? In the meantime, can you send me your latest pricing list? Thanks.