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    The "You Learn Something New Every Year Pass"

    I am figuring most of the return players have learned something in the last year worth teaching us so we might as well do this again. For those of you that don't remember/didn't play last year (click me), here is the general idea: I am big on learning about (and how to do) new things. Each participant in this
    pass, at the time of their P/T, is invited to teach us about something they learned since the last time we did this.

    I am really glad to see so many of the original players came back for round two, makes me think we did an OK job last time. You guys know how I roll, normal pass blah blah blah applies with the exception that I don't care much about 'segregating' p/t by country of origin. Lineup of players and sticks will gradually reveal itself over the next few days. Expect excitement! Expect thrills! Expect NSFW links from Gary and dogs dressed like bees!

    Players (Subject to change and in tentative order)
    Swissy Baroo Fish Commander
    Devin Cole
    Cigar Smoke

    Mark Twain
    Team Kansas City (B, D, S, T, Sneed)

    Putz Mulligan
    Napa_Smokes (live)
    Jack Sparrow (Pirate pass thief)
    Elittle (live)
    Infinity (virtual) sic itur ad astra

    The Sticks

    1. 858 SG OR Take: Seadub
    2. AF King B Take: Tomthirtysix
    3. Anejo 55 Take: Jfields
    4. Anejo Sand Shark Take: Smellysell
    5. AVO LE07 Take: Tone-NY
    6. AVO LE08 Take: Tone-NY
    7. Bolivar BBF (2000) Take: Jfields
    8. Bolivar Gold Medal Take: stepthirteen
    9. BTL Take: Gonz
    10. Casa Fuente CG Take: grateful1
    11. CigarFamily 10th Anniversary
    12. Cohia Maduro 5 Genios (07) Take: mmburtch
    13. Cohiba Robusto (06) Take: Tomthirtysix
    14. Cruzado Dantes (Coming out soon from Dion) Take: stepthirteen
    15. Davidoff #1(Dominican, old and crusty) Take: Smokyballs
    16. Diamond Crown Maximus #4 Take: Bsneed
    17. Diamond Crown #6 Maduro Take: OpusXKC
    18. Don Carlos Anniversario
    19. Don Carlos Lancero
    20. Graycliff Espresso Elegante Take: Gonz
    21. HU Super Corona 01 Take: stepthirteen
    22. Illusione eccj Take: Gonz
    23. Illusione Holy Lance Take: Swissy
    24. LFD Mysterio Take: Bsneed
    25. LFD Outlaw BTTB 2007 Take: mmburtch
    26. Opus X Chili Pepper Take: OutlawD
    27. Opus X Lancero
    28. Opus X eXtasy (humi)
    29. Opus X Petite Lancero Take: Smellysell
    30. Padron 1926 #35 Take: Tomthirtysix
    31. Padron 80th Natural Take: Swissy
    32. Partagas PSD3 EL 06 DAMAGED
    33. Partagas Serie D (05) Take: mmburtch
    34. Partagas Culebra (06) Take: Jfields
    35. RE Bolivar Libertadores Take: Elittle
    36. RE Bolivar Double Corona (TEB AUG 07) Take: Kingantz
    37. RE Ramon Allones Belicoso Take: Tkoepp
    38. RE Edmundo Dantes (USE DIC 07 First Release) Take: mmburtch
    39. RE Por Larranaga Magnificos (EMA OCT 07) Take: BobbyRitz
    40. RE Ramon Allones Gran Robusto (TEB AUG 07) Take: Mike33
    41. Romeo Y Julieta Corona (NNUU VC2 11/88)
    42. Trinidad EL Ingenios Take: Swissy
    43. Trinidad Coloniales (06) Take: Smellysell
    44. WOAM Take: Robbie treacherous heathen
    45. Flor de Ybor City 85 SG Take: Swissy
    46. Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5 (07) Put: stepthirteen Take: Devin Cole
    47. Partagas Series D #4 Reserva Put: stepthirteen DAMAGED
    48. Opus X XxX "Power Ranger" Put: stepthirteen Take: Jonesy
    49. Cohiba Siglo VI (06) Put: stepthirteen Merry Christmas Watkins
    50. Tatuaje Black (from the cello bundles) Put: stepthirteen Take: grateful1
    51. Padron '26 #9 Put: Swissy Take: Tkoepp
    52. Padron '80th Maduro Put: Swissy DAMAGED
    53. Monte '05 EL Dalia Put: Swissy Take: cigar smoke
    54. Anejo #77 'Shark' Put: Swissy Take: Robbie treacherous heathen
    55. Ramon y Ramon Tribute Legado Put: Smellysell
    56. Sir Winnie '07 Put: Smellysell Take: Ginseng
    57. Johnny-O Sublimes Put: Smellysell Take: Devin Cole
    58. Davidoff 100th Diademas Finas Put: Smellysell Take: Mark Twain
    59. Bolivar Coronas Extra '98 Put: Smellysell Take: grateful1
    60. Perdomo EDS Torp Natural Put: Smellysell
    61. DCM Stanford's 90'th Put: mmburtch Take: shooter
    62. GOF churchill Carlito '05 Put: mmburtch
    63. Opus Petite Lancero Put: mmburtch Take: Robbie treacherous heathen
    64. GOF Pyramid Carlito '05 Put: mmburtch
    65. DPG Blue PnS '08 1/2 lancero Put: mmburtch Take: Ginseng
    66. ESG Churchill Put: Gonz Take: cigar smoke
    67. Partagas 150 AA Put: Gonz
    68. Tatuaje Cojonu 2003 Put: Gonz Take:cigar smoke
    69. Tatuaje Especiales lancero Put: Gonz Take: Kingantz
    70. DPG 2008.5 Lancero (Al) Put: Robbie treacherous heathen
    71. LFD 08 Custom Outlaw Put: Robbie treacherous heathen
    72. Diamond Crown Maximus Churchill No. 2 (2005) Put: Robbie treacherous heathen
    73. RYJ Belicoso 2001 Put: Jfields Take: Kingantz
    74. Padron 40th Mad Put: Jfields Take: Jonesy
    75. Partagas Lusitania 2000 Put: Jfields
    76. Tatuaje Reserva J21 2007 Put: Jfields Take: Tomthirtysix
    77. Partagas Serie P No.2 2006 Put: Jfields Take: Devin Cole
    78. Diplomatico #7 1985 Put: Devin Cole Take: Mike33
    79. H. Upmann Super Corona 2001 Put: Devin Cole Take: Mike33
    80. Sancho Panza CG 1986 Put: Devin Cole
    81. Quai d' Orsay Gran Coronas 1998 Put: Devin Cole Take: grateful1
    82. Opus Super Belicoso 2004 Put: Devin Cole
    83. Opus Opus X Petite Lancero Put: grateful1 Take: Jonesy
    84. SLR-Lonnie 98 (Cab- unbanded) Put: grateful1
    85. Trini-Fundi 98 (Unbanded) Put: grateful1
    86. Davidoff Broberg Put: grateful1 Take: Seadub
    87. Davidoff Millenium Blend Churchill Put: grateful1
    88. Johnny-O! Lonsdale EL Put: Tomthirtysix Take: Ginseng
    89. Avo 80th Put: Tomthirtysix Take: OpusXKC
    90. El Centurion Guerreros Put: Tomthirtysix
    91. Opus X Petit Lancero Put: Tomthirtysix Take: Tkoepp
    92. 2005 Toast Across America set Opus X and DCM (This must be taken as a set) Put: Tone-NY
    93. Padron Millennium Maduro Put: Tone-NY Take: cigar smoke
    94. Trinidad Ingenios EL 2007 Put: Tone-NY Take: Jonesy
    95. 2001 Partagas Corona Grandes Put:cigar smoke
    96. Montecristo Compay Segundo Marevas Put: cigar smoke Take: BobbyRitz
    97. 1998 Partagas Serie Du Connaisseur No.2 Put: cigar smoke Take: Kingantz
    98. 1980's Cohiba Corona Especiales (cello) Put: cigar smoke Take: BobbyRitz
    99. 1981 El Rey Del Mundo Panetelas Largas (cello) Put: cigar smoke
    100. Kinky Friedman Kinkycristo Put:Ginseng Take: Shooter
    101. Cohiba Siglo VI tubos 2006 Put:Ginseng Take: Jonesy
    102. NULL Put:placeholder Take: Numbering Convention
    103. Reynaldo Petit Coronas 2007 Put:Ginseng Take: BobbyRitz
    104. Oliva Series V Lancero Natural Put:Ginseng
    105. 1970's Partagas Dunhill No. 150 Put:BobbyRitz
    106. 1997 La Gloria Cubana MdO #2 Put:BobbyRitz Take: Mark Twain
    107. Montecristo "A" from 2004 Estuche Humidor Put:BobbyRitz
    108. 2008 Edmundo Dantes Conde 109 (re-release) Put:BobbyRitz Take: Seadub
    109. 1970's H. Upmann Naturales Put:BobbyRitz Take: Kingantz
    110. LFD Outlaw '08 Put:Jonesy
    111. Edmundo Dantes Conde 109 OR Put:Jonesy Take: Smokyballs
    112. AVO LE07 Put:Jonesy
    113. Montecristo "A" '01 Put:Jonesy
    114. Cuaba Diademas coffined Put:Jonesy
    115. La China Double Corona 04/08 Put:Kingantz Take: Seadub
    116. Jose Seijas Belicosos Put:Kingantz
    117. H. Upmann No. 2 '02 (unbanded) Put:Kingantz Take: Mark Twain
    118. 98 Bolivar Coronas Extra Put:Kingantz
    119. 70's Montecristo Tubo Put:Kingantz
    120. Punch Corona COT CCUA Put:Kingantz
    121. Partagas de Partagas No. 1 OSU DIC00 Put:Kingantz
    122. Padron 1926 40th Put: Shooter Take: Tkoepp
    123. LFD A (Aug 07) Put: Shooter Take: Tkoepp
    124. H. Upman Sir Winston 5/03 Put: Shooter Take: Tkoepp
    125. VSG Enchantment 1/07 Put: Shooter
    126. SLR seris A may 06 Put: Shooter Take: Mark Twain
    127. Anejo 48 12/06 Put: Shooter Take: elittle
    128. ESG CHurchill Put: Tkoepp
    129. AF Anejo #55 Put: Tkoepp
    130. Tatuaje RC 184 Put: Tkoepp Take: Bsneed
    131. Padilla 1932 Oscuro Robusto Put: Tkoepp
    132. 04 Cuaba Salamone Put: Tkoepp
    133. Punch Exclusivo Asia Pacifico Put: Tkoepp
    134. Partagas Piramide EL '00 Put: Mike33
    135. La Escepcion Longo '86 Put: Mike33
    136. Punch SS #2 (2001) Put: Mike33
    137. H. Upmann Monarch '98 (unbanded) Put: Mike33
    138. Opus X Love Story from box 51/55 Put: Mark Twain Take: Smokyballs
    139. Punch Corona 98 Put: Mark Twain
    140. Saint Luis Rey Corona '93 Put: Mark Twain
    141. Monte #2 '01 (unbanded) Put: Mark Twain
    142. Juan Lopez Corona '01 Put: Mark Twain
    143. LG A (Personally handed to me from Litto Gomez) Put: Smokyballs
    144. Cohiba X Linea 1492 Humidor Siglo V Put: Smokyballs
    145. PPadron Family Reserve #44 Put: Smokyballs
    146. Bolivar Exclusivo Canada Put: Smokyballs Take: NorcalMark
    147. AF 858 SG Put: Smokyballs Take: Napa_Smokes
    148. Padron Family Reserve #44 Put: SmokyballsTake: Napa_Smokes
    149. La Flor Dominicana Bad to the Bone Party Pack Custom 2007 Put: OpusXKC
    150. La Flor Dominicana Factory Press I Put:OpusXKC Take: OutlawD
    151. Padron 1926 #1 natural Put:Bsneed
    152. Opus Petite Lancero Put:Bsneed
    153. Opus Double Corona Put:Bsneed Take: elittle
    154. Pepin Custom Rolled Bat Put:OutlawD
    155. Diamond Crown #6 Maduro Put:OutlawD
    156. H. Upmann Super Corona (1998)Put:Stepthirteen
    157. Tat Black RobustoPut:Stepthirteen
    158. Ramon Allones Specially Selected Put: Putz Mulligan Take: Napa_Smokes
    159. Ashton ESG No. 21 Robusto Put: Putz Mulligan
    160. La Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio Put: Putz Mulligan
    161. Padron 1926 Serie No. 1 Put: Putz Mulligan
    162. Padron Millennium Natural Put: Seadub
    163. Padron Millennium Maduro Put: Seadub
    164. Cohiba Sublime Put: Seadub Take: NorcalMark
    165. Taboada Doble Piramides Put: Seadub
    166. 858 SG Put: Seadub
    167. Padron 1926 #35 Maduro '05 Put: Seadub
    168. Original Release CAO Anni. maduro "A" made in Costa Rica by Don Douglas Put: NorcalMark
    169. Tatuaje Maravillas custom made for Leaf and Ale. Only 50 boxes made. Put: NorcalMark Take: Napa_Smokes
    170. Bolivar Gold Medal 2007 Put: NorcalMark
    171. Tatuaje Monster Frank from box #135 Put: NorcalMark
    172. Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos Put: NorcalMark
      Dominicana Dunhill Esplendido. 8 x 50 in a coffin box. Put:NorcalMark
      1- 4pk Custom ISOM. If you want any info please pm me. Put:NorcalMark

    173. OR Avo 22 Euro Put: Napa_Smokes
    174. 2005 GOF Pyramid from Humidor Put: Napa_Smokes
    175. Tat Black Jar Release Put: Napa_Smokes
    176. PSP #2 2005 Put: Napa_Smokes
    177. Casa Fuente Corona Gordas (full box) Put: Jack Sparrow
    178. Padron Millennium natural Put: elittle
    179. Padron 1964 Torpedo Put: elittle
    180. Davidoff Panatella 2003 LE Put: elittle
    181. Hemingway Classic Maduro Put: elittle

    The Lessons
    stepthirteen: Complete abstinence
    Gonz: The art of highrigging
    Swissy Barroo Fish Commander: What?
    mmburtch: Water Physics
    robbiex0r: Undying love and the potato
    Kingantz: Turkey Soup
    tomthirtysix: Identifying scum
    Shooter; Building a mancave
    Jfields: Where did that phrase come from?
    Putz Mulligan: Life Lessons
    Smokyballs: Sperm!
    Bsneed: 401k R Fun11
    Smellysell: Beer Tasting
    grateful1: Jellyfish!
    Jack Sparrow (Pirate pass thief): How to talk like a pirate
    elittle: Prison shanks for dummies
    More info to come...
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    Indeed, very interesting........

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