E-Cigar King Vapor Kit Review

ECigar King Vapor4Life

It seems everywhere you look these days, there’s someone vaping. With so many restrictions against tobacco, vaping has become such a common activity amongst smokers (and even non-smokers). I recently received an email from a company called Vapor 4 Life, asking me if I’d review their new electronic cigar. I have to be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the …

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Review of Cigar Aficionado Magazine

Cigar Aficionado Magazine

Magazines are a great way to stay on top of any hobby, especially cigar smoking! With so many new blends hitting the shelves every month, it’s only natural that you’ll want to stay on top of these tasty treats. Looking in from the outside, you would never believe what an evolving hobby this really is. I oftentimes compare cigars to wine, …

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What’s the best cigar lighter to buy?


Finding the best cigar lighter is really personal preference. What you may think is the best lighter will certainly differ from cigar smoker to cigar smoker. Having smoked cigars for nearly 2 decades, I can tell you what features to look for in any cigar lighter, and what my personal favorite is. If you’re just getting started in cigar smoking, …

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Finding the Right Cigar for the Right Occasion

Smoking the right cigar

Finding the Right Cigar for the Right Occasion For anyone who regularly indulges in cigars, the ceremony can become an integral element to properly enjoying any sort of affair. No matter whether you’re hosting a rowdy bachelor party, are relaxing after a long day at the office or treating yourself to a celebratory smoke after a big promotion, the cigar …

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How RH and Temperature affect cigars


Occasionally someone will ask what type of temperature controlled humidor they should buy. It sounds like a simple question, and an easy solution, however RH and temperature go hand in hand. Changing one will impact the other. First, there are a few things to think about: Where you live. If you live in the desert, you’re going to have lower …

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Best cigars under 5 dollars

Cigars under 5 dollars

You can find great cigars for around 5 dollars or less! Not all cigars have to cost $12 or more. Finding that gem is like finding a needle in a haystack; there are so many cigars to choose from in the 5 dollar range, most aren’t worth it. There are, however, some excellent cigars in this range. We’ll give you …

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Cigars Cello On or Off? It depends…

Cigar cello on or off

The question whether you should leave the cellophane on or take it off a cigar is probably the most asked question. The answer is, it really depends on the situation. Cello has one primary purpose: to protect the cigar from damage. What’s the point of cello on cigars anyways? Cigars are often placed into cellophane wrappers to protect them from damage …

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Cigar Shapes and Sizes

Egg Cigar

Understanding the design of a cigar Cigars come in many shapes, sizes and colors, which can be overwhelming when first starting out. Every shape, size and color of a cigar has its own unique name. In this article, we’ll help to clarify what it all means, how they differ, and what to expect from each one. Sit back, light up, …

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Avallo Accumonitor Cigar Humidifier Review

Avallo Accumonitor Installation

Product: Avallo Accumonitor 20/40 with optional fan timer Manufacturer: Avallo Humidors MSRP: $399.99 (plus $50.00 for optional fan timer) As like every other member of CigarPass, my cigar collection continues to grow.  Storing so many cigars can be challenging, and maintaining multiple coolidors takes up a lot of space.  I decided it was time to upgrade from my current Antique Tower (3,000 count, …

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Quality Importers 5000 Cabinet Cigar Humidor Review


The Commercial 5000 Humidor is an excellent cabinet style humidor for anyone needing extra storage.  The number of cigars in my “collection” continues to grow, and after having filled a 3,000 count tower and 5 coolers, I decided it was time to rid myself of the bulky (yet very reliable) coolidors. I purchased the QI Antique Tower several  years ago, …

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