Getting Started with a Cigar Pass

Whether you’re joining a pass or hosting one, they are a lot of fun.  The first thing to be sure of is that you qualify to start or host a pass.  General pass rules are posted at the top of the Cigar Pass Forum, and if joining a pass, the host may have additional rules.

Joining a Cigar Pass

To join a pass, first make sure that you meet the minimum requirements (generally how long you’ve been a member).  Be sure to read the hosts initial post well and before asking to join, make sure you meet any additional requirements that the host has requested.

If you meet all of the minimum requirements, then proceed to join.

Hosting / Starting a Pass

We have put several resources in place to help ensure that your cigar pass is easily started and also successful.  When starting a pass, it’s always a good idea to come up with a theme, or perhaps basic rules.  For instance, below are some examples of the types of cigar passes you might see:

  • Maduro cigar pass – all cigars must be maduro.
  • Fuente cigar pass – only Fuente cigars can be traded.
  • Newbie cigar pass – only members with a certain join date can join.

Always be sure your rules and requirements are clearly stated before posting your pass and asking people to join.

ALWAYS list the order of your participants in geographic order.  This way the pass won’t travel around the country multiple times, and will more quickly make it to each participant with less travel time.  Arranging the shipments geographically will also keep the shipping costs to a minimum.

15 members is generally a good number of pass participants.

Include the cigar pass spreadsheet with your pass.

Pass Season

Cigar passes generally take place between the months of September thru May.  Since the cigars spend several weeks in transit, we try to limit their exposure to extreme heat.  Summer is normally the off-season for passes.  Besides, most people are on vacation or travelling during the summer months, so activity is generally lower.  In addition, you don’t want to send a pass to someone’s house when their out of town…

Cigar Pass Resources

Please utilize the resources we have created to help ensure your pass goes smooth.  All resources are located under the Pass Resource menu.