CigarPass was founded in early 2000, with a mission to become the friendliest and most knowledgeable online cigar community. More than a decade later, I’m happy to say that we succeeded! Back in the 90’s, there were only a few cigar forums around, however one thing I noticed was the lack of camaraderie. It seems people would flame each other left and right, and the administrators would hand out bans unjustly and unfairly. Unless you were part of the “in crowed”, you weren’t welcome. How does this build a true community?

In 2000, I decided it was time to establish a true cigar community, where people not only respected one another, but also looked out for each other. I believed in creating a community where members were treated like adults, and were accountable for their own actions. Many forums have moderators; I’ve never been a fan of moderators. In my experience, a moderator oftentimes becomes power hungry and begins to take their job a bit too far. You also cultivate members who try to become buddies with the moderators, which eventually creates that in-crowd type mentality.

You’ll notice that CigarPass has only 1 administrator and zero moderators. We are a self-moderated cigar forum, meaning that it’s up to the members to uphold up our rules and culture. If someone clearly does not get it, they will be banned. However, we certainly allow everyone a fair chance.

Being over a decade old, we’ve seen many forums come and go. We’ve even seen communities get gobbled up by advertising companies! I’m happy to say that CigarPass is still an independently run cigar community with many years of knowledge and cigar related information.

Benefits of becoming a member

  • Interact with knowledgeable cigar smokers from around world.
  • Access to a ton of cigar related information.
  • Trade cigars safely on the CigarPass platform.
  • Meet other cigar smokers in your area. Lots of herfs are happening around the country.
  • You won’t be bossed around by moderators; we are self-moderated.
  • Instant message other members live.
  • Your own photo gallery where you can store and share cigar related pictures.
  • Interact with cigar manufactures.
  • Interactive messaging system, where you can chat with other members both live and via PM.
  • Limited advertising. You won’t have ads forced upon you, we keep all sponsor ads to a bare minimum.
  • Participate in contests and events.
  • CigarPass is a community, not a business. Rest assured we have your best interest in mind.

Ready to have fun and meet like-minded people? Then join our cigar community today!