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    A Moment Of Silence Please......

    Terrible.......I would be scared for life.
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2020

    Riste is coming out with a larger size very soon. He is working on the pricing. Also he may come out with a 44 gauge Toothpick. I have had both the 100 mg and the 20 mg. High price point on the box of 100 mg's, then again, there are always 5'ver's to mix it up. Love the 20 mg's. - Enjoy life!
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    Happy birthday Oke&Coke

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your special day!
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    Happy birthday Smokin’Sims

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your special day!
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    Today’s Smoke 2019

    Tried my first CBD (20mg.) infused cigar from NUGGS. In a word, WOW. It comes in a 20 mg as well as the 100 mg Maduro. It was one of the most complexed tasting cigars I have ever smoke. Levels of flavors that I couldn't quite understand/ put my finger on. It was ALL GOOD. Caramel/butter...
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    Happy bday jfields

    Will the real John Fields please stand up...
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    Happy birthday Devil Doc

    Happy Belated Doc!
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    Need to contact Tone-NY

    Thank you Jesus.
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    Happy birthday Brickhouse

    Happy Be-lated, hope you enjoyed your special day!
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    I know I’ve been away...

    Great news! Enjoy life!