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    Bobs Sunoco in Callaway, Md has all 3 plus gas. However, probably not the best cigar collection.
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    Weird music pairings on TV

    Our local fox station plays Scarface's G-code for commercial breaks. Cracks me up, every time.
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    Happy Birthday mjolnir01

    Happy belated birthday!
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    Happy birthday AVB

    Happy Birthday, Sir!
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    Screw you haters

    There's a story floating around here on the news, that Viking fans are signing up to be Uber / Lyft drivers, and will drop off Eagle fans in the middle of nowhere.
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    You never know what people are thinking - with pic!

    Very cool. You do kinda leave a good impression on folks.
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    What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.

    Evan Williams 1783. Wasn't a fan at first, but growing on me.
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    Lost my best friend today

    Sorry to hear that. Rest easy, puppy.
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    Good Morning, America. How are ya...?

    I was just reading that story. I can't even imagine that level of mayhem.
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    Hate to bring bad news but....

    Aww man, sorry to hear that. May he rest easy.
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    It's been too long!

    Welcome back!
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    I've turned up like a bad penny

    Well hello all. Sorry haven't been around in quite awhile. Moving, super commuting, a slight health scare have been taking up all of my spare time. Got laid off and things are finally slowing down a bit. Hope everyone is well. It will be great getting caught up again. Love, peace, and...
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    College Bowl Pick-em League/Contest YEAR 3

    I am SOOOOOOOOO ticked i missed this this year. Melissa, that wasn't you jumping on a Oklahoma fan at the game, was it?  :laugh:
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    Happy New Year

    Same to you good sir!   Happy New Years CP!!!
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    Whats in your glass right now? 2013

    WLW to celebrate the OSU Suckeyes loss.