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Recent content by Blue Dragon

  1. Blue Dragon


    Impromptu HERF to celebrate life with my favorite crazy bomber. - Smoke 'em when you can! Cheers! - Blue Dragon
  2. Blue Dragon

    Obama to speak today 12 noon on Cuba policy

      High demand; product shortage ... I figure prices will be going up .. at least in the short term. Then the mystique will go away and things will normalize in a year or so, hopefully sooner. It will be interesting to see which B&M shops court getting an SA Habanos dealership. It may give some...
  3. Adult Easter Eggs & Poppers

    Adult Easter Eggs & Poppers

  4. Adult Easter Eggs - 1c

    Adult Easter Eggs - 1c

  5. Adult Easter Eggs - 1b

    Adult Easter Eggs - 1b

    Prepping the bacon to wrap the potatoes. 
  6. Adult Easter Eggs - 1a

    Adult Easter Eggs - 1a

  7. Pretty Patties

    Pretty Patties

    Peanut Butter Bacon Burger on the left and the Red Pepper, Garlic, and Bacon Burger on the right. 
  8. Burger Prep 2b

    Burger Prep 2b

    Peanut Butter Bacon Burger .. mixin fixins. 
  9. Burger Prep 2a

    Burger Prep 2a

    Peanut Butter Bacon Burger!! 
  10. Burger Prep 1b

    Burger Prep 1b

    Bacon Burger w/ Garlic and Red Peppers .. mix away. 
  11. Burger Prep 1a

    Burger Prep 1a

    Bacon Burger w/ Garlic and Red Peppers
  12. Blue Dragon

    Freezerator Build (Keezer)

        Looks like my link didn't pan out like it was supposed to, and Perlick's online website is SHIT!... This is the faucet I was referring to: http://www.homebrewstuff.com/perlick-perl-545pc-flow-control-faucet.html   So that is to my buddy's home brew supply shop. He lives just a couple miles...
  13. Blue Dragon

    Freezerator Build (Keezer)

    Another thing I forgot to mention .. find out who refills CO2 tanks in your area. Call them up and see if they have a reusable tank program. Usually they will have painted steel 5# CO2 tanks (most common and easy to swap out) or aluminum ones. Get 2 5# tanks so you have a backup, and then just...
  14. Blue Dragon

    Freezerator Build (Keezer)

      Hey emohsun,  Here's my $.02. 1a) You might want to find a different freezer to use. The specs show 33.25" height, and I'll bet that is exterior height. What is critical for you is Internal Dimensions (ID). You have to figure a standard 1/6bbl or corny is going to be ~24"-25" for just the...
  15. Blue Dragon

    MRN Book....take very good care of them, guys..!

    I think Anthony meant to say something else....     :laugh: What's funny is that he is smoking a fake (or sad rather).... but I guess that fits.