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<p>34 year old male smoking since 2005, looking to enjoy more about the brotherhood of the leaf. I don't spend like crazy, I believe in quality instead of quantity, although that may change some day.<br><br>
I am happily married to Anitra my wife, and have 2 basset hounds and 2 cats. A beautiful little daughter Izel Grace Montoya of 15 months! I enjoy Latin music, and music in general. <br><br>
My 9-5 I am a Disease Investigator, yeah I work for the big bad evil govt. but I enjoy what I do, basically I'm an STD (VD for you older guys) bounty hunter, I help people make sure thier junk is healthy and make sure they have healthier sex by assisting in the treatment and discussing how to avoid STD's.<br><br>
Oh and in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, I will be called into action, sequestered, isolated and made to wear a rubber suit to use my investigation/interviewing skills (Bilingual) to good work and try to find the source of infection for zombies and control the spread by "treating" the infected, and preventing the spread of infection. No I'm not joking this is real, basically there was a clause in my agreement to work stating: in case of natural disaster, disease outbreak, or homeland disaster I agree to be isolated and quarantined to assist in these matters by using my unique work skills.<br><br>
I joke often with my wife and others about this.<br><br>
I was born/raised in Northern CA and currently reside in Denver,CO.<br>
So... Yeah I'm a Bay Area sports fan. San Jose Sharks, San Jose Earthquakes, Oakland Athletics, San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warirors, Denver Broncos are number 2, since I am now in Denver and my wife is a lifelong fan, I DESPISE THE RAIDERS.<br>
I enjoy a good Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Rum or beer as long as it has some sweetness in it, I'm not too particular. I'm not too experienced with many beers but I do enjoy a good stout, lager, pilsner, ale, or Belgian style, not to crazy about the overly hoppy beers, but when in the mood they go down easy also. <br>
I'm chef of the house, so I love to cook, BBQ, Mexican, Asian, you name it, I'll cook it.<br><br>
I enjoy comedy, life is too short to not be laughing.</p>

Music, Cigars, Food, Mexican Culture, Politics, Humanity.
I have enjoyed: Nics: Tats, 601 red label,Don Pepin's Many, Padron X000 and 64, Perdomo, Doms: Fuente, Opus, Fuente Magnums RyJ, HUpmann Vintage, RyJ Vintage, Macanudo Gold Label, La Aurora. Hond: HdM Hoyo De Tradicion, Alec Bradley ACB, HdM, Rocky Patel. CC: Cohiba, Montes, RyJ, HdM, Punch, HUpmann. Por Larranaga,,Bolivar (thanks SS!!!),

Currently I've been really into Petite Lanceros, Lanceros, Coronas, Petit Coronas, as these allow for usually a great smoking experience with lots of flavor and shorter on time. My little girl Izel keeps life busy and though I do find time for the big smokes, it can be difficult with life.

Have enjoyed mostly Robustos, Like Corona Gordas/Toros and Churchills, have only somked two DC, Ive been on a corona/petit corona/lonsdale and lancero kick, Torpedos are yummy as well, those Monte no.2's will spoil you. Mostly a Robusto and small ring guage guy, it seems to me and most that these thinner cigars pack more flavor.

Traded with/Purchsed from:
Backslide (P2P)
Theorangeman (Newbie Sampler Trade)
Uptown_isy (sampler)
Rod aka Bob aka Todd (Trade)
Looking for Knowledge (Trade)

Passes completed/in progress:
WINE AND LIQUOR PIF 2014 1x (completed)
Blind Cigar Review PIF 3x (completed)
Cigar Pass it forward 3x (completed)
Panacea Pass (completed)
3 Pricks, Giddy Asshats and a flake Pass (completed)
Send Money,Lawyers and Guns Pass (in progress)

Herfed with:
Jason (Backslide)
Steve (Undegreed)
CJ (Wkoti)
Big Bear (virtual)
Tall Paul (virtual)
Lauren (Rock)
Kendall (Ilikefishes)
Joe (JoeBanunga)

Box Split with:
Tall Paul
The Chenman

My wishlist:
DPG My father (thanksSS!!!)
La Palina (Thanks SS2013!!!)
La Palina Classic (Done)
La Palina goldie (Thanks SS 2013!!!)
Illusione phantom singulare (Done)
Viaje Honey and Hand Grenades (Done thanks JoeBunga)
El Centurion OR
Four Kicks drumstick (Thanks to 2 fine BOTL!!!)
Blue label lancero OR (Done)
Aroma de Cuba, ADC EE, ADC Mi Amor (thanks SS!!! ADC)
Tatuaje Verocu Tubo
Tatuaje Black Tubo(thanksSS!!!)
Tatuaje West Coast Verocu
Tatuaje monster/little monster any (Thanks CP BOTL)
Cabaiguan Guapos(thanksSS!!!)
Opus X Fuente Fuente (thanks Backslide)
Fuente Rosado Magnums(thanks SS!!!)
GOF Don Carlos
Hupmann Sir Winston (Thanks Jeff 2k6TBSS)
Bolivar RC(thanks SS!!!)
RASS (thanks SS!!!)
Hoyo de Monterrey (thanks BOTL on CP)
Partagas P2's/D4's/shorts (done)
Montecristo (done)
CoRo's (done)
Por Larranaga(thanks SS!!!)

The smokes I would smoke any day or any time.
Fuente Don Carlos Robusto or No.4
Fuente magnum rosado R44 or R52
Tatuaje Black Label
Herrera Esteli short corona gorda
Headley Grange corona gorda or estupendos
Four Kicks corona gorda
Padron 64
EPC New wave stellas or divinos
Tatuaje Havana VI
Tatuaje Casadores
Tatuaje Cabaiguan Guapos
Tatuaje Black petit lancero
Oliva Serie O Sungrown Robusto or Torpedo
601 red label Rabito or Robusto

If all I had was Fuente Magnum Rosado R44, Four Kicks Corona Gorda, Herrera Esteli Short Corona Gorda, and EPC New Wave stellas, Cohiba Siglo III, or Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure NO.2 I would be ok.

Montecristo Edmundo Awesome.
Cohiba Robusto very good!
Cohiba Siglo III mmmmmm sweet deliciousness!
Cohiba Siglo VI with age, hard to beat!
Por Larranaga PC Yummy.
Por Larranaga Robusto 2007 RE Asia Pacific, yummy!
Por Larranaga Encantos 2010 RE Asia Pacific, WOW!!
Montecristo No 2 Awesome
Monte Edumundo (if I only had this to smoke, Id be fine)
Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No 1 mmm sweetness!
Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2 coffee and cream!
Bolivar RC great stick!
Partagas SD4 yes please!
Partagas P2
Partagas Lusitania great big smoke!
RASS sweet coffee deliciousness!
RASCC probably a top 5 smoke!
Partagas Serie D no.4 tasty!
HUpmann Magnum 50 Nice stick!

would love to try:
Current production 2013-14 Hupmann Magnum 50
Current production 13-14 Cohiba Siglo VI
Current production 13-14 Punch Punch
Any Regional Edition
Any Edicion limitada

Beers: Heady Topper, Zombie Dust, any great regional/HTF or anything by the Lost Abbey, Russian River, ETC ETC. not picky.

I enjoy a good Rum, Whiskey, or Bourbon, not too particular, as long as it has some sweetness in it, I enjoy it.

CP Secret Santa 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013. (can you tell I love SS at CP???)

To all the Fellow BOTL who I have been hit by bombs, Thank you from the most sincere spot in my heart. Your generosity is beyond words!!!

I'm sharpening and honing my attack skills, and you NEVER KNOW, YOU COULD BE NEXT!!!

As you can see... Since joining, I may be a "lurker", but have always participated in the great annual tradition that is CP's SS!!! :) I'm no "post whore", nor do I pad my posts for shits n giggles. Some things have worked out so I can probably be more active around here. Looking forward to many a Herf, trade, and splits, but overall, great friendships.

Want my addy?

Ceasar Montoya
12574 Hudson Ct.
Thornton, CO. 80241

Sep 25, 1979 (Age: 40)




At the risk of seeming ridiculous let me say that a true revolutionary is guided by feelings of love. (Ernesto Guevara de la Serna)


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