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    So this happened...

    Congrats and enjoy parenthood!
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    2016 13 Run Pool

    Package arrived safely. Thanks for the great selection and hosting the contest!
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    2016 13 Run Pool

    Man, I've been under a rock....forgot about the Should probably forfeit my winnings for the mental lapse!....nah Congrats to the other winners!
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    NCAA March Madness 2016

    Congrats Clint! As a Nova alum, I couldn't be more thrilled!
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    NCAA March Madness 2016

    I'm back in for this year. Thanks for setting it up again.
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    Tenth Anniversary Contest.

    Happy 10th Doc! I do enjoy your wit and wisdom!
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    Happy birthday, CMontoya79 amd golfgar

    Belated Happy Birthday to you gentlemen!
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    Today's Smoke 2015

    Cohiba Piramides extra
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    Happy Birthday Steve (Undegreed)

    Happy birthday Steve!
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    Happy Birthday, thinde.

    Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday, MichaelD

    Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday, Tim (MX)

    Happy birthday!
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    Help on Illisione

    The Rothchildes is my daily morning smoke with them! In fact, on my third cab of 50 this year! The Epernay's are excellent and I also enjoy the 888 maduro.