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  • Sometimes it feels like the more you want something the harder it is to get. But you have to keep pushing until it happen. Keep the faith and it will.
    had a great time at Zigari's today hanging out with the men. It was good to do some reall BS talking and smoke some good cigars.
    It is very sad the world we live in where it is okay to cheat on your wife and kids and it just be past along like it was nothing. but that is how the world is we can always get another wife and with the money Tiger has he can get another family just as easily.
    Went down to Zigari's yesterday and Kim has his line of cigars in, NOT BAD at all!!!!! A very good smoke for just $6.00. I may have to buy a brick of them and get my smoke on all the time.
    I wake up thinking about Donny Osmond and hoping he doesn't win DWS tonight. He sucks big time but because EVERYONE in America love him and his family he will most likely win. They have been setting him up to win all season eventhough he doesn't deserve it a all. Wow!!!!!!
    Tonight I am going to smoke a La Flor Donminica DL Lancero for dinner and I can not wait. I want to smoke it now, but have to wait for the kids to leave. The things I do for the family. LOL
    Thursday was a fun night at Zigari's at Kim's cigar rolling event. The cigars were very good, I think I had about two of them. I love going to that spot it is always a relaxing feeling full of conversation and debates. Only thing missing were some hot girls and a nice bottle of Jake.
    Hello CP world, I am Anthony Bryant , new to your social network, I love cigars and some of my fellow cigar friends told me this was a cool place to talk about cigars and also to learn a lot about them to. I look forward to your input on cigars and look forword to sharing some of what I know about them to. So I just wanted to say YO and I look forward to hanging out here more. Peace!!!
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