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    Well I was wrong.

    John, I had a very disturbing exchange with Brian months prior to his passing. I will not sully a deadman's name but suffice it to say that when I offered to send him my remaining AVO22s, he declined. He closed the door on any chance that I could make it right for him. He did not pass it on...
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    Well I was wrong.

    I've received Bill's address from Rod. I've asked Rod to receive my cigars, and then relay them on to him. Rod has agreed. That way, Rod knows what I sent. And frankly, it's come down to this. I don't trust Bill. Isn't that sad what this has come down to? The biggest, most vindictive...
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    Well I was wrong.

    I'm sorry that it could be interpreted it as such. Perhaps that says less about my intent, than the feelings of the one doing the interpreting? Just saying. And BTW, I meant it as saying I am as human, and all that that entails, as any one of us. Any one of us who has or might one day find...
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    Well I was wrong.

    I've got two responsibilities/obligations from the recent fiasco and I mean to dutifully discharge them both. I need to do this for the good of the forum. I need to do this to settle accounts. And I need to do this to clear my conscience. First, I offer my sincere apologies to Bill for...
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    Happy Birthday tone-ny

    Heartiest birthday wishes to you, my friend! This place wouldn't be half as good without you here. Sincere regards, Wilkey
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    Davidoff Aniversario No. 1

    Just my guess but... 1. the Davidoff name (75%) 2. higher quality standards and reject rate (15%) 3. higher tobacco quality (10%) For the analogous Zino Platinum Crown series.. 1. the Zino Davidoff name (80%) 2. excessive marketing, packaging (15%) 3. higher tobacco and quality standards (5%)...
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    La Riqueza #4

    Very fine review! An excellent effort indeed. I've smoked but one of these and I was not impressed. Luckily the local carries these so I might give them a try again. BTW, would you elaborate on the difference between flavor and taste? Wilkey
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    Just realized i'm over 4000 posts.

    Congratulations on the milestone, Claudio! Wilkey
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    Padron 1964 Aniversario/Anniversary

    This is truly a benchmark review that documents the performance of very early release and high age Padron Aniversarios. Well done on submitting such an important review. I've not smoked any Anni's with quite this much age but I do have one or two soldiers left from the late 1990s. When they're...
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    B&M's have to do better....

    X2 Yikes. Wilkey
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    The GAS Pass 2009

    Very freakin' cool! The passes here get better and better every year. :thumbs: It's an honor to be a part of this mayhem. :) Wilkey
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    1 Year Anniversary Contest

    Congratulations on the Anni, Jim. It's been great sharing this space with you! Wilkey PS. 1. clowns in string bikinis 2. huffing Crayol non-toxic markers 3. an empty OR Opus X Fuente Fuente box containing nothing but a single White Owl Pineapple Blunts Extra 4. Haley
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    Happy Birthday PSTAN

    Happy birthday, Phillip! Wilkey
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    Happy Birthday Shooter

    Happy birthday, Shane! Wilkey
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    I am in dietary hell....

    I feel for you, bro. BTW, I just snacked on some pepperoni slices, an avocado, and a hardboiled egg. Damned good night snack. ;) Wilkey