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Recent content by Greggj77

  1. Greggj77

    New humidor is all ready for cigars

    very nice. congrats. Make sure you take a pic when its filled.
  2. Greggj77

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2018)

    Sorry to hear about your dad. 2018 has been a rought one. Far to many losses this year. As for the Advent calendar, that is very cool It would be a very cool gift but filling it up with 25 craft beers would be a pricey gift. I'll have to check out the lazy dog looks like a great place.
  3. Greggj77

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2018)

    Paul, That is great. Where'd you get it?
  4. Greggj77

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2018)

    Affogato was awesome. Hopefully this is in that line. Although I got some Impermanence from Tree House from a buddy the same week and that definitely stole the show. I will definitely keep you posted. My client said she would confirm the meeting by next Thursday so stay tuned. If I go...
  5. Greggj77

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2018)

    At $20 a bottle after taxes, I only grabbed one as a tester. I have a tentative meeting the week of the 17th. I if I make it down again I will definitely reach out.. I will most certainly post my thoughts though. Ya the Trillium labor issues are a bit disappointing. Especially since the...
  6. Greggj77

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2018)

    HIt up Trillium Yesterday. Got some Fort Point Standard and enigma, Cutting Tiles, Pom Pom, PM Dawn and Vanilla Truffle. Looking forward to the Vanilla Truffle for $18 it best be delicious.
  7. Greggj77

    What's in your glass....2017

    Drinking some of the new Stagg JR release. Very good batch imo. Get yourself some if you can.
  8. Greggj77

    In case you were wondering what to get me.

    Haha Thats awesome. I have an aftershave called Margaritas in the Arctic. I love the scent and it has some menthol. I have a Shave soap from Phoenix, above, called Bourbon and Chocolate. Sounds better than it is. Scent is far too sweet smelling. Interesting stuff though. The Soap from...
  9. Greggj77

    Homemade Limoncello / Grapefruit Cello?

    Looking good. I am still enjoying my initial batch of lemon. The Grapefruit is gone, that was a crowd pleaser. My wife mixed it with a little soda water and made an excellent summer cocktail. I may whip up another batch soon although, I have plans to make some George Washington Egg Nog...
  10. Greggj77

    Happy Birthday CMontoya

    Happy Belated C. All the best.
  11. Greggj77

    Golfgar, You didn’t escape.

    Sounds like a nice finish to a great day. Happy B-Day old timer.
  12. Greggj77

    Glendronach Revival has been, well . . . REVIVED!

    Sounds like a winner. I love most anything put out by Glendronach, I even enjoyed their peated. ;) I'll most certainly keep a look out for this.
  13. Greggj77

    Glendronach Revival has been, well . . . REVIVED!

    That is great news. Hopefully, this version is as good as in the past. I really enjoyed the last few years of the revival where most bottles were approaching 18yo. It is some of my favorite scotch. I still have 1 unopened bottle, wish I bought more. I will definitely keep a look out for...
  14. Greggj77

    What's in your glass....2017

    Since missing out on the new Russell's Reserve 2002. I opened a bottle of a store pick Russels Single Barrel as a consolation. Man this is some good whiskey.
  15. Greggj77

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2018)

    Honestly, they are all phenomenal. For me, the standouts were Fort Point, Dialed In and Upper Case. If you like Stouts PM Dawn is also great.