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    I know I’ve been away...

    CONGRATS! So cool!!! :D
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    Thoughts and prayers headed your way. Hang in there C.
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2019

    Ok that's flippin brilliant. :D
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    Top Cuban Cigars by Year

    I think this is a really fascinating subject. For the last three years in fact, I've been keeping a box of my 25 favorite smokes from the year as sort of a "time capsule" of not only what was smoking exceptionally well that year in my opinion, but also how my tastes have changed. Predictably, it...
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    Update time. So we've been redoing a bunch of areas in the house, particularly setting up some more secure storage for the cigars, guns, and alcohol. Not like our one year old is going anywhere fast, but just being future minded. So now we've got a locked laundry room as a first step, and I've...
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    Today’s Smoke 2019

    Johnny O's EL Genio - Stellar And I'm like 5 for 5 with Bolivar Corona Gigante. I busted open the box I bought in a fire sale before they went out, and I don't think they'll survive the year. I should really get some Lusitanias - my normal summer long smoke. Had i actually had a box of those, I...
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    Today’s Smoke 2019

    Huge thanks to @Miami Matt for letting me put to death a beautiful Sir Winnie today. Second smoke of the season> Too bad we're getting 14 inches of snow Wed/Thurs... darn fickle MN weather... :D
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    Been using this for quite some time on the wineadors without any issues. And since the freezer was free, figured i'd give the same rig a try as I've grown to trust it...
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    It’s the temp loss that had me going this direction. Ideally I’d like to use the empties to cover the shelving or even the walls of the unit for a very cheap but effective (and perhaps cool looking) interior. Still trying to work that part out but figured I’d better make sure it stores well...
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    So I’ve been wanting to work on this project forever and I’m finally getting around to it. I run two wineadors at the moment since the relative temp in MN (and in my house) changes so much. In the winter my wife and I just wanna be warm fast so 76-80 degrees is normal. In the summer, quite the...
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    Pics of me in a bikini, honest opinions wanted

    I don’t see any pictures. Must’ve missed them! :D Was definitely expecting something horrific here. Amazing hit Bill!
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    Today’s Smoke 2019

    First smoke outside in months. RyJ Cazadores. Delicious.
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    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    Holy cow @Miami Matt -- really really appreciate the package! Thank you so much for sending my wish. I'll certainly put these sticks to good use. :) One of them I've only had one opportunity to try and am really looking forward to trying it again! :)
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    Operation Payback - you got me good...

    Awesome. Just awesome. So cool to see the whole thing laid out! Hopefully they do you well! :D You deserve it for all the generosity you've shown. :)