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    Does anyone know what happened to Dan?

    I'm alive, just misplaced my password. Still smoking once in a while. Thanks for checking on me Steve! Matt, well, you know....
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    I have an Oscar winning daughter

    Congrats Steve!
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    Souldog sad news

    Rest in Peace Jon
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    Happy B-Day Andrew (moki), Mr_Wolf, likescarsz28 and Jimmy (emoshun)..

    Thank guys   Hey Steve!! Long time no see
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    BBQ Herf #3 - WV/DC/MD/NoVA

    I'm sure some have holes in them.....
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    BBQ Herf #3 - WV/DC/MD/NoVA

    Is there a possiblity of Shane being nekkid by the fire? If so, I'm in!
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    Boswell eluding this old fogie.

    lol, thought that was odd, but yes, I'm blessed with it as well
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    Boswell eluding this old fogie.

    Yup! I still hope to sneak up there before Christmas......
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    Boswell eluding this old fogie.

    This + what Alan said about checking with them to see if they have something similar on the shelf. They usually have quite a few pipes in the store. Good luck!
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    I have a C&R

    I have a C&R
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    Take a look at this!

    I'd expect that from Gary, not you. At least you got a little rhythm. Motorcycle helmet? Looks more like a Power Ranger helmet.
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    Happy 46th B-Day Shawn (Wurm)

    Happy Birthday!