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    Happy birthday Cabaiguan Juan!

    Happy Birthday Jon.
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    Today's Smoke 2022

    My senior moment for the day.
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    Today's Smoke 2022

    Shades of Bogart and Bacall.
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    Happy birthday mufflerman!

    Happy Birthday you quiet son-of-a-gun.
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    Happy 22nd Birthday, CigarPass!

    Happy Birthday to us at CP. And @Rod , we would net be here without you and your continued support. Thank you.
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    Sneaky NOOB

    Good hit Mike, Aaron is a great brother.
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    Today's Smoke 2022

    Don't know where you are located Daniel, but the scenery's sure pretty.
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    Warriors vs Mavz wager opportunity... with conditions 😎

    Michael, I'm routing for the Mavs myself. Obviously they got it together for game 7, and Dončić I believe was behind that. The Warriors are good, how good remains to be seen, and I hope it proves to be a nail biting series. If Dončić can preach and the others listen and pull together we might...
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    Happy birthday Swissy!

    Happy Birthday Swiss. Miss ya man. You still beating up those crab and lobster?
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    Been a while....

    Seriously. It's good to see you.
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    Happy Thread

    So do we send mail to Dr. & Mr. Justin? Huge congratulations to your wife.
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    Would like to suggest you look at My Fathers Violin. It is not a deep movie, but the red headed girl steals the show And it is a nice watch for the kids also.
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    Star Wars Celebration

    I am a big Star Wars fan. Couldn't believe how great a movie could be. When Hans got froze in #2 I was mortified. Now looking forward to Top Gun 2 and hopefully Avitar 2. Enjoy your time. May the Force Be with you.
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    Happy birthday Nihon Ni!

    Happy Birthday.🎂
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    Smellysell is a wanted felon

    Justin, you made it snow? Nice hit.