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    Need a little help please...

    Done. Very interesting article with great depth Bill.
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    The Victoria 2007 Review thread

    Very nice article. Hoping he does well as this situation ebbs. Some interesting brews and hops along with guts to try them. Wish you two the best.
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    Happy birthday MOBIG

    Happy Birthday Brother. Good to have you with us.
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    Built a new Walk-in Humidor

    This makes for a good read. If the owner is happy then you did him right. Not popping for spanish cedar is his error. Nice job, thanks for sharing with us.
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    Today's Smoke 2020

    Last of the books written purely by Clancy. Then they go change the print way smaller so I'm pushing my eyes. Good read, good smoke.
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    2005 Ramon Allones Belicoso

    WTG Bill. I have always enjoyed the RA. Nice review brother, now I fot to look and see if I have one.
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    Pics of your Sticks!

    Very impressive rolling there sir. Also really like the cutting tool. By chance, is that done in scrimshaw? Love the artistry. I'd buy the tool just for that alone.
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    What's on your plate today?

    Thank you Nihon. We have a farmers market very close. Will ask about the possibility about of the Duck eggs. I need an adventure. Appreciate your taking the time And the photos.
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    What's on your plate today?

    Nihon, shoot a photo of those eggs before you cook them please. Never have seen them available here. Also, is there a taste difference in those eggs or is an egg a egg? Thanks.
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    Today's Smoke 2020

    This Monte was hiding three deep when I went on a look-see mission. Nice tanning on the wrapper and proving to be enjoyable while reading Clancy. John Clark and I hope you are all doing well during this mission
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    Today's Smoke 2020

    Well I'm not out of butane but went from 71 to 40 which the old bones noticed.
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    Humor #2

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    After several years, it happened

    WTG brother. Congratulations.
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    Today's Smoke 2020

    Simple smoke, AF 8-5-8 with a simple note, Happy Easter to all. May you enjoy some form of peace, relaxation and a good smoke.