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    Blind Cigar Review Thread #2

    so a innuendo is like a necrothump?
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL my brothers here. Four Kicks LE after cooking bacon for my three bean salad, hanging balls ( not mine ), stringing garland, adjusting lights and preparing for my wife's next thought on what looks good where.
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    Lancero Luvin

    Finely someone gets Johns full attention. Well done Mr. Lancero.
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    Ding-Dong, Ding Dong

    Big Bad John strikes again.
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    Happy birthday Diesel Grinch

    Happy Birthday youngster.
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    Looks like a daddy to me.
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    Proud moment!

    so he died due to what, PITA! Nice rack mount coming.
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    Mr. Fields provides a nice "Welcome Home"

    Does anyone want to guess who provided the inspiration to the song " Big Bad John". Nice shot brother.
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    Ode to Rancho Cook-your-Bunga. There's a man on a hill named Bill, who likes to give us a thrill, he picks on us all, long, short or tall, to see if our tails wag at all... Thank You @CigSid for this afternoon delight. Very enjoyable as I didn't want be get abused by normal stuff I smoke...
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    What music are you listening to currently?

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Very nice rendition IMHO.
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    Davidoff Sir Winston and thank you to Tom @BlindedByScience of this. Was wonderful and brought back memories of that great man.
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    Twins turned 3 months old

    Enjoy them. The grow faster than a pile of ashes. Don't leave small things around, the first thing a baby will do is put it in its mouth. We once had to sift shit for a swallowed dime and green shit is horrible! Wish you wonderful experiences.
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    It was decent, you probably need to try one. This was lighter in body but smooth, kind of like a Padron '64 with less character. I took two back and exchanged them for the LB1. All up to your taste buds.
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    Unhappy Thread

    can tell you for sure it ain't me 🤑