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    Happy Thread

    Growing up we had our pooch. Mom always shared part of her orange with that dog.
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    Happy Thread

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    Happy Thread

    Personally, never heard of this breed and sure could not have pronounced it.
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    Happy Thread

    Enjoy your weekend, a good smoke, a pleasant drink and Buffalo Bills football.
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    Happy Thread

    Maybe we should ask Enzo what sounds good to him.
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    Happy Thread

    First we build a profile, question, is dog male or female?
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    Happy birthday SKYDIVNEKD

    Happy Birthday diver, as far as not be being selected for that position, they don't know what they missed.
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    Happy Thread

    Well, I've heard about the black tongue but never knew the truth.
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    Happy Thread

    This would make for some possibilities that Disney consider looking into.
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    Arturo Fuente Rare Pink 1960 Short Story

    Great review. You filled in all my question marks.
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    Liquor Acquisitions 2021

    Oh, I think you are in the right place to cause a significant event and we will supply the significant smokes. Who's coming with me so I stay out of trouble.
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    Happy Thread

    Yep, I screwed up again. I forgot to see if it was trained in a litter box.
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    Buy Bitcoin

    I agree with Juan. At least I can see cigar smoke. The basic concept is unique but boarders on the tooth fairy ( I still believe in SS ).
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    To @TexasTraveler: way back when a gent named Yogi Berra became famous for one saying," it ain't over till it's over." My two cents, all I do want to see is Buffalo play their "A". Mahomes is officially out with a concussion, but I was impressed with his sub. Who wins? Lady Luck will...