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    Santo Domingo

    Ditto! But I have to say, heading to Santo Domingo and doing some of the tours is a long time bucket list item of mine. So, if you go I will be jealous!
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    The new heathen

    Love the name! And the dog!
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    Doris Day Dies at 97

    She was from Cincinnati, as am I. Like too many celebrities the city will honor her too late for her to enjoy the respect. None the less, the fact that she was literally a contemporary of my dad hailing from the same area made her an absolute legend in my house. Top notch. Oh, and I had to...
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    Bourbon Trail Advice

    As everyone has said, stick to the primary outposts on the trail. You will no doubt see some details on the Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. The Craft Tour hits some of the more micro distilleries - along with a few old names. Most are skippable unless they are super convenient to you. For example...
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    Mary Ann was always hotter than Ginger

    While I agree on Mary Ann, wasn't it a pretty easy choice based on the portrayal of the characters? Mary Ann was loveable, Ginger was loatheable. No one wants all that super insane over the top high maintenance Ginger stuff do they?
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    What music are you listening to currently?

    I 100% agree that she never got the credit that she deserved. Sure, she has fans - you are obviously one - but she is worthy of greater study as to what she has seen, done, and created. Great stuff.
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    Copenhagen Pipe Shops?

    Umm, yes, if only I could figure out how to get them from here to, well, here!!!
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    Copenhagen Pipe Shops?

    Copenhagen is one of the coolest towns I have ever visited. It's compact so you can get around easily. People are, in fact, that happy and friendly. The Danish Pipe Shop is the best place that I found. It's a small family place but pipemakers hang out there. It's kind of the cool Danish...
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    What's in your glass....2017

    I stopped by the OZ Tyler Distillery in Owensboro, KY last week - just to say I'd been there - picked up a bottle of their branded bourbon. Not bad for as young as it is. They are using that TerrePure technology to enhance aging and taste. Still tastes like a young bourbon to me though...
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    What music are you listening to currently?

    Anyone else taking a look at getting tickets to the Ozzy/Megadeth tour next summer? I am not afraid to put out some cash for some tickets but Cincinnati decent seats are carrying a hefty price tag! None the less, from the perspective of respect I threw on some Blizzard of Oz today in the car...
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    McClelland Tobacco going out of business?

    Crazy stuff. I learned about that from a Podcast a couple of months ago. It's not too easy to find any of their stuff online with any retailers right now as a result of the word of their closure getting out. I have two unopened tins of Christmas Cheer. I might have to think long and hard...
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    What music are you listening to currently?

    Thanks for your concern, Ray! Sometimes I don’t recognize myself anymore...but I did listen to death metal all day today!
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    Do not drink!

    Dickel used to be pretty decent stuff but I’ve had it a few times in the past couple of years and it was ‘dump-it-out’ kind of terrible. Thanks for the warning that even their super premium is gross!!!
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    Copenhagen Pipe Shops?

    Yeah, well, admissions of guilt...blah blah blah!!!