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Recent content by SirDooksalot

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    Crypto Currency

    Fed Rate meeting today about hiking rates. I plan to hedge against this inflation we've been experiencing with stocks and crypto. Hopefully history repeats itself.
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    Buy Bitcoin

    @CigarStone i am down for that bet.
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    Buy Bitcoin

    The fu**? Are you even reading what I'm typing? I never told you to buy anything. I was just explaining the benefits. I'm glad your showing your character, it says a lot
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    Buy Bitcoin

    Bro, that's the beauty of crypto. Zero human bottleneck points to freeze or hold your funds. Yes it may be scary putting your faith into software you don't see or understand. Imagine taking out those third partys; no need to pay the bank, account manager or customer service rep to lift holds on...
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    Buy Bitcoin

    Upper left. You can see how he leads the cooling system to it. 😂
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2021

    Niceeeeeee I was looking to purchase these, but it's literally the price of 1926 #1 padrons 😭
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    Buy Bitcoin

    I've been in crypto since 2016 and boy what a ride has it been. To be honest, many of you are leery and with good cause. The industry is very new with little regulation and is ripe of fraud and theft. There are countless coins and companies trying to just take investor capital and run. From my...
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    >90% of Cuban cigars in the US are fakes ???

    Lol oh my word. On another note, kind people will take time out of their day to directly call out the issue. Even kinder people will explain sympathize/empathize with you and try to explain. But most people will just laugh off the spectacle. Hope you understand buddy.
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    It's been a long road

    Hey Nate, Thanks for sharing and just wanted to say just like everyone else, I am rooting for ya. Take care man
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    Best mild tasting cigar out today

    I am glad I saw this after @bfreebern 's post. Clearly Backwoods is the superior flavored cigar :)
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    Tooca Cigar Humidor

    New humidor came in, and just in time, my tupperware was losing its integrity after years of use. I promised to limit myself to one box purchase a month, but we will see how that goes.