1950's Bering Admiral (Ever wonder what those old American Candela


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Alan thanks for sharing. When I was a young lad I worked in the shipping department of a publishing company and I worked next to a very dapper gentleman who smoked Bering cigars. He smoked at least three cigars a day and they were candela wrappered cigars. This was during the early 70's and smoking was allowed everywhere as I worked next to another fellow who smoked Chesterfields. Those were the days thanks for reminding me of them. Keep up the good work and don't stop with the pictures and reviews.
Notwithstanding Alan's great reviews and pics, I also find it very interesting to get the first person recollection as well.

Thank you Alan and Anthony!!!


EDIT: Well, I said first person...that clearly wasn't the case with this cigar as it relates to Anthony's story. Either way, I appreciate both Alan and Anthony's contributions to this thread. :thumbs:


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Great review Alan, the pictures are great. I really enjoyed reading the letter that accompanied the cigars.



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Ah!!! I missed this one, great review Alan! Thanks for letting us share in with your experience!!


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Someone, much like the OP, doesn’t seem to understand the level of sarcasm that lives here at CP. Or I’m just a A$$hole. Either way, I’m ok with that. 🤷‍♂️