2021-01 Partagas Mille Fluers (ABO May 19)

cabaiguan juan

Aug 30, 2006
This Partagas Mille Fluers from May of 2019 is the first in this year’s series of Another Review Thread on Cuban? Really? This sat in my dry box for several days in anticipation of smoking. One thing that I have learned over the last 12 months is that cuban cigars need to be treated differently than non cubans. Kinda weird, I mean tobacco is tobacco, right? Never the less, it was valuable information to have. So I sat this in the dry box, and used my punch to poke a hole in the cap so that I could test out the draw, rather than guess, to see when the cigar was ready. Also, I learned that some resistance is expected and because of that, you need to puff on it slowly, like you would a lancero. So dry boxing, testing the draw and sipping the cigar- cubans are coming across as super needy right off the bat. I hope this is worth the trouble. Anyway, all indications pointed towards its ready to smoke.

1/3: Using my flavor wheel, I could identify the flavors that greeted me upon light as White/Black pepper, chalk & mushrooms. I tasted what I have previous described as talcum powder, but tried really hard to dissect that flavor and I think chalk is probably what I meant. As the cigar moved through its first third, the pepper flavor and mushrooms faded and the chalk which held on for a while, transitioned to graham cracker. The first third was very tasty.

2/3: The graham cracker flavor faded and mushroom flavor came back. This happened several times, bouncing back between graham cracker and mushrooms.

3/3: The cigar shifted to a salty flavor once I entered the final third. Cherry or raisin entered the picture and the cigar finished with some jalapeno spice and some ground coffee notes.

The cigar was good. There was a lot of flavor transitions over the course of the experience. I would smoke again, though I would not buy a box. For no particular reason and completely unrelated, I want to say @Tall Paul is a great guy.


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Mar 3, 2018
Very nice review and spot on with some of the same flavors I have tasted. Also, @Tall Paul is a pretty great dude.


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Jun 18, 2006
Great review. I love a cigar that has flavor transitions like the ones you described 👍


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Mar 7, 2007
I'm curious if your talcum powder sensation is what I refer to as a perfume flavor from a cigar that is Young and I am not hitting it hard enough to get full flavors?


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Apr 29, 2011
I'm curious if your talcum powder sensation is what I refer to as a perfume flavor from a cigar that is Young and I am not hitting it hard enough to get full flavors?

I don't think it has to do with the age of the cigar, honestly, as I've experienced it, as well. To me, it is different than a floral, perfume'y taste. I'll have to try and relate it to "chalk" next time to see if it works, but once I heard "talcum powder", I can't un-taste it! I've gotten it from, admittedly (because that is mostly what i am able to smoke), 2019s and 2020s, but I've also gotten it from some much older cigars, too. I have a "triple sip" draw technique that I've found works best for me to balance burn/heat and getting a good draw of flavor and smoke; I still experience it even with a good draw.