2021-10 La Gloria Cubana Serie D. No. 5, Exclusivo Espana (2017)

cabaiguan juan

Aug 30, 2006
This is the first regional edition Cuban cigar that I have ever had and I was excited to see what all the hub-bub was all about. Even before I placed it in the dry box, the draw on this was perfect. I contemplated on whether I even needed to dry box it, but since Yoda and the Jedi said that dry boxing a Cuban cigar always helps, and since that is what I have been doing, I decided not to break with tradition, so in it went.
1/3: Mushroom, mineral and salt. Raisin, corn flacks and pretzels. Honestly, every other puff brings on a new flavor. I keep trying to figure out one flavor and it is replaced with something else by the time I can figure it out, this is getting to be a bit ridiculous!
2/3: Crackers, lemon, strawberry and peaches. The flavors are all over the flavor wheel and it is hard to keep up! Pine nuts or pistachios, root beer. Strawberry rhubarb pie, cinnamon, lemon bar squares. Vanilla, graham crackers, white pepper.
3/3: Mineral, red pepper, rye toast. Hickory, wood and olives.
An amazing cigar. I would love to smoke this again without trying to label every taste I got, just to see what it is really like Are all regional editions this way, with all of the flavor changes? I need to know! Below is the review from Half Wheel, which I just found, in my effort to try and figure out the date and size. If you read it, let me know how well I did.


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May 4, 2021
Wow, that's a fantastic in depth review! Never had an RE so can't comment on the flavor profile being all over the map, but your review made me want to go pick up one of the ones I've been saving in the humidor just to find out!


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Mar 3, 2018
My obsession with reading your reviews has got to be the reason I’m gaining wait. So would you buy it?!? Is it box worthy?!?


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Oct 30, 2009
I bought a couple of boxes a while back, mostly to smoke with my Father-in-law, who was born in Spain. About a year ago, they were really gross. Now, excellent!