2021-12 Romeo y Julieta Belvederes (ASR July 2019)

cabaiguan juan

I love meme some memes
Aug 30, 2006
This was another small cigar, with a length just under 5 inches and a ring gauge of just under 40. Great size for walking a dog, as I did.
1/3: Wood & Oak to start, before shifting to salt and must.
2/3: Mustard and soap.
3/3 Mushrooms.
It was nice, but I would have preferred less resistance in the draw. That would have made for a better experience for me. I think that I have another one to try which I am excited to see how, if at all, it differs from a resistance standpoint and also to see If I get the same flavor notes on it. Sup @H. Vachon .