2021-13 Juan Lopez #2 (UTL 2018) *Second Edition

cabaiguan juan

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Aug 30, 2006
So I had this one previously in this review thread (see 2021-04). The draw on this one was perfect.
1/3: A mix of mineral, graphite, soap and chalk (my palette appears to be more refined from the first go-round). An inch in and it becomes predominantly charcoal and chocolate. The charcoal is probably better described as when you eat the burnt crust of a steak. I think I'm not too far off the first review, again I attribute this to my refined palette.
2/3: Chalk and wood start the second third and then shifts to nutmeg and red pepper with some faint cinnamon added in for good measure. Slightly different from the first experience in that I did not get pasta water, but instead got the cinnamon.
3/3: Lemon and melon. A spice develops too, but I cannot tell what type it is. So last time, I was between white and black pepper, and no lemon or melon. Either variation suits me, though.
I really enjoyed both JL2 experiences and would happily smoke more. Thank you again!