2021-15 Quintero Tubulares (unknown year or code)

cabaiguan juan

Slava Ukraini !
Aug 30, 2006
So I had one or two of these last year, when I was doing this. I remember them being pretty good but rather ugly to look at. After reviewing last years reviews, I decided to not even try to compare notes. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed them last year, but still had mixed feelings. Now that I have discovered the dry boxing technique, I feel more comfortable in my notes, so I don't what to try take last years square peg and try match it up with this years round hole.
1/3: This started off with stone ground wheat crackers. A little bit in, and pretzel, nutmeg and a little graham cracker joined in. About half way through the first third white pepper popped up.
2/3: Milk chocolate & molasses.
3/3: Vinegar and mushrooms. Believe it or not, the vinegar and mushroom flavor was surprisingly good, even on the heals of the chocolate and molasses!
I smoked this to the nub. It was delicious. @CBoukal you should try find these out. Just saying.

H. Vachon

King of the Hobo Hut
Aug 30, 2019
Similar to Nick’s experience, two of the three I’ve had were really enjoyable. I’ve been meaning to grab some of these, thanks for the reminder. Great review!