2021-22 Por Larranaga Petit Corona (EML ABR 2014)

cabaiguan juan

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Aug 30, 2006
So in the name of science, this is the first of this review series to forgo the flavor wheel. I feel like I have reviewed these enough times that this would be a good litmus test. So here we go:
1/3: Chalk and spice. The first half inch in, produces nutmeg and vanilla, while the spice begins to dissipate.
2/3: Floral, chalk and mineral.
3/3: cream.

Wow, without the flavor wheel to help guide me, this was a very quick review. My apologizes for the lack of written content. I feel like I have not given my fans what they have come to expect, but this is all in the name of science. Now, given that this from 2014, it may not be a fair comparison to the 2019 review, but lets take a look anyway.
2019 1/3: salt and mineral. - I would say that the chalk/mineral overlap in the flavor department, so there is some consistency there.
2019 2/3: salt, pretzel, mustard & pepper. - Really none of that is around in the 2014 version.
2019 3/3: spicy, soapy, sweet, and smokey. -I would ay that the cream flavor was consistent with the 2014.

Wow, very interesting to compare 5 years of aging. Thanks for the opportunity for this smoke!9EB8614D-5FE9-45EA-903B-2823E74DEEE3.jpeg


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Dec 9, 2011
Nice review, I am still concerned that you taste chalk but other than that a good review.