2021-25 H Upmann Coronas (PVC ENE 2003)

cabaiguan juan

Aug 30, 2006
As always, I am excited to smoke something that has history behind it. I don't know about you, but something with age like this does has me reflecting on what I was doing in 2003, and where I was: Junior year of college. I think I was playing lacrosse for CU's team that year too. My internship that summer was as an intern engineer building the St. Julien Hotel and Spa on 9th and Walnut. They had two tower cranes, and I kept sneaking up to the top of the tower cranes and walking the booms and climbing into the crows nest. That is the way to view the front range.
1/3: I get wood and graphite. I swear that I want to say a little vinegar or maybe dill, as I work on the second half of the first third but I'm going to refrain from that.
2/3: Black tea notes with a bit of wood. The second half of this third gets a little wild with buttered toast and little bit of tart cherry.
3/3: Butter and cherries.

This had a tight draw and as a result, I slow sipped this corona. In doing so, I feel like this cigar lasted forever! I want to say that I was past an hour and a half, almost 2 hours before this was done. Thanks again for the opportunity.

edit to add: Oh crap! I forgot to take a picture.