2021-26 H Upmann Sir Winston (OME MAY 2014)

cabaiguan juan

I love meme some memes
Aug 30, 2006
To say that I am excited for this wouldn’t be doing this situation justice. Cohiba's and Monti 2’s get all the glory, but you will never find someone who does speak of the Sir Winston without reverence.
1/3:Great flavor and draw right off the bat! Maybe some baking spice. It is a little sweat. A little spicy. A tiny bit of musty or mineral or chalk- what Bill calls old attic / basement.
2/3: Heavy on that old attic or basement taste. Lots of chalk and mineral.
3/3: Salted pretzels. A little taste of white pepper on the final inch.
I don’t remember how long this lasted, but I’d guess just shy of 2 hours. It was delicious, produced good smoke, and kept my attention. If I were to pick a spirit animal it would be this.