2022-01 Punch Coronations tube (REM ENE 2020)

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Slava Ukraini !
Aug 30, 2006
To kick off the most celebrated season in Cuban cigar smoking, I grabbed this Punch Coronations which just sounds fancy and royal. It has been sitting in my dry box for at least a week in its tube but with the cap off. On my test draw, the draw was perfect. Nice. So off I went with Biscuit The Dog on a walk. I should note that I'm electing to go with no flavor wheel. The flavor wheels of the past have been called into question over some of the flavors on the wheel and in an effort to be unpersuaded and to shut up my critics, I'm going without the influence that can come when staring at various names and terms on a circular piece of paper.

1/3: Sweetness and cream components right off the first puff. Almost like milk and honey. These stayed consistent through the first third.
2/3: No real change in the flavor. Still milk and honey. Perhaps the strength went from Medium to Medium minus but other than that, it remained consistent.
3/3: The sweetness and cream have melded together and reminds me of the milk at the bottom of a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Delicious.
Overall impressions: Solid smoke. Not complex but also not boring either. I'd be happy with more of these, for sure.ABE09034-CAB0-420B-BA15-5607AD84E233.jpeg


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Jun 18, 2006
good review And great choice on dropping the flavor wheel. No need to try to fit the flavors into any predetermined parameters. Not sure what’s the price on these now but used to be a great every day cigar


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Mar 9, 2009
Looking forward to the rest of your reviews Jon! What a summer treat! And I am also glad you ditched the flavor wheel, you do not need to be influenced as you are perfectly capable of coming up with your own BS ;)😂