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3rd Annual Superbowl Squares Pool

Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
May 11, 2011
Welcome back to yet another attempt at a strictly Cuban Cigar squares pool. This year should be alot different since we are going to use the automated grid system that was used in years past for the Opus pool.

This is a great opportunity for Cigarpass members (old and new) to participate in our community. Also, a BIG thanks to Bruce (NullSmurf) for setting up the automated grid again this year!

(For those who are not familiar with a box pool look HERE.)

The rules are the same as last year.

If you wish to enter please read this entire post carefully.

Here's how it works:

Any member of this board is eligible to participate.
Those who have friends on other boards who wish to participate must do it through you. Only your name will appear on the boxes chosen by you and your friends. If any of your boxes win you can either have me send the winnings to you or you can make arrangements with me to have them sent to any winners not on this board.


200 Cuban Cigars

*Final - 100 Cuban Cigars
3rd Quarter - 25 Cuban Cigars
Half - 50 Cuban Cigars
1st Quarter - 25 Cuban Cigars

Entry Fee:

2 Cigars per square.
Acceptable Cigars:
Padron '26 or '64 series
Cuban Habanos bigger than a Petite Corona

How To Enter:

Go ( HERE ) and choose your box/es (limit of 4 boxes per person) Please promptly PM me with a DC# or a tracking# . I need to receive all the sticks in a timely fashion so I have time to sort, catalog and post pictures of the cigars. If you are having time/shipping issues please PM me right away.
If you do not get me a DC within three days of entry, I WILL remove you from the grid and give your squares to someone else.

Send your entry fee to me:

Paul Harrison
3 Sagamore Drive
Derry, NH 03038

When you send your entry fee please include a note with the following info:

* Your name (real and screen).

* Your current mailing address.

* Your box numbers.

* A list of the cigars you have sent.

If we have not filled up the board by noon (EASTERN TIME) on Saturday 1/21/2017, existing participants may choose one (1) additional box (if available). This will be available only after noon on the 21st and is on a First Come/First Served basis. This brings the total number of boxes you may take to Five (5).

Once I have received all entry fees the numbers (0-9 for the two sides AFC and NFC of the grid) will be drawn using an automated random number generator that Bruce has provided.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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Bruce is working on the grid currently and it will be up shortly
I'm in. Thanks for putting it together Paul!
Thanks Paul and Nully, looking forward to it again.
Thanks for putting this together guys, always fun.
Are we just waiting for the link to sign up for our squares?

I wish we didn't get rid of the Opus/ Anejo pool... :(
I think we can restart it, just need someone to run it. I would be willing if the interest is there.
The link is up in the first Post as well but to get to the grid go HERE !

lets fill this up people!

The Rules are still being edited on the Grid to match the first post.
Squares reserved, will try to have the cigars out tomorrow. Just a reminder to those already signed up, you can take 4 squares.
Are we just waiting for the link to sign up for our squares?

I think we can restart it, just need someone to run it. I would be willing if the interest is there.

Short answer is nope. It is possible, but would require actual work from me and Rod.