6 Year Anniversary


I logged on to CP for the first time in a bit and realized that my 6 year anniversary was right around the corner.  

So here goes a little contest, answer the following questions correctly and win a prize

1.) What former CPer's disappearance has been blamed on me?

2.) Name 6 CPer's I have meet in real life

3.) While in KC where was I touched and by what musical Instrument?

4.)What is the Airspeed Volectiy of an unladen Swallow?

5.)Which book to buy next "Raiders & Rebels, the Golden Age of Piracy" or "Dangerous Women"?

6.)Who was the last CP member I smoked with?

7.)What gets easier to pick up the heavier it gets?

8.) Score of the Browns game Sunday vs the Former Browns ?
or.....just post and a winner will be chosen at random

Contest runs till sometime next week.


Deaf Mofo
Congrats! Its always hard to know which browns I want to win year in and year out, but this year I'll go with the newer browns over the old browns by the score of 9 to 2


Got Ink ?
1.) What former CPer's disappearance has been blamed on me?
Just one??  Rookie! :laugh:


" Herf King "
Congrats on the anniversary brother, enjoy a cigar or two with at least 6 years of age on em'........



Habeas Punkus
Congratulations on the Anniversary, bro!
1.  I most certainly know the answer to question #1...but since I was retained to represent you on the matter, I cannot divulge the answer in public.
2.  Punk_Lawyer, JFields, KeystoneRaider, CigarStone, GTADropTop (or whatever the hell that name is.  Was John drunk when he typed that into the system?  He's probably been drunk this entire NFL season too.  Or he should be...maybe we should do a 'well check'.  Has anyone seen him?  He has been as hard to find as a Steeler victory this year.), Universal, BSneed, MoeCizlak
3.  Ass with the business end of a trombone equipped with a magnanimous strap on.
4.  25
5.  Dangerous Women
6.  Spivy
7.  Girls from Akron, Ohio
8.  24-18 Browns...and my thanks to them for picking up the win...


Bump for stragglers, I'll have my daughter pick a random number on Friday, corresponding post wins.


Habitual Threadjacker!
1. Unfortunately not Clint's
2. OzPod....really do I need to name anyone else?
3. Skin flute, and I ain't telling
4. Faster than an unladen Spit
5. Trick question since you can't read books without pictures
6. I won't dignify this with a response
7. Girls from Nebraska
8. Which ever team isn't starting Wheeden
Bonus question:  Who really ate the Jack Stack out of the trash can?