70/70 rule for Humi's


I bought a humidor a couple of weeks ago and I'm having trouble maintaining it. Right now it's at 61%/63Farenheit. What do you guys suggest to bring it up to 70/70? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Of the few humidors I own, all inexpensive units, I find I have to wipe down the inside with distilled water quite of few times before things get worked out. Where are you keeping the thing stored to get a 63 degree reading. Is your hygrometer accurate? I did receive a humidor as a gift that was so poorly constructed it never could keep 70%. I wound up finding its way to the bottom of an igloodor.

Matt R

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One thing to remember if you are going to do the wipe down thing is to not saturate the wood. A cheaper humidor has the very distinct possibilty of warping if it gets too wet and stays too wet for a period of time. I would not wipedown the lid at all for this reason. I won't matter on bit how well you egt it seasoned if the lid is warped and doesn't provide a seal.