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A contest


Corresponding authority
Jun 18, 2003
Okay, similar to SamGus's 1000 post contest, I will send a five pack of NICE smokes to whoever comes closest to the exact date and time when I hit the 2000 post mark. Fast4Dr thinks I need to send out more bombs and I agree with him :D (I'm virtually out of storage space at this point).

Okay here are some rules:
1) ONE guess per person only.
2) Person with the closest guess whether it is under or over will win.
3) Winner will receive a nice selection of cigars from yours truly (5 - stick min.).
4) The guess is the date and time I make my official "2,000th" post.

Post a DATE and TIME in this thread and I promise I will not look at the thread until I hit the 2000 post mark. When I hit 1950, I will come back here briefly, edit this post and take no further entries. So, I guess you can CHANGE your guesses up until then by editing you posts, sounds fair? BUT any posts that are modified AFTER I make the "I've hit 1950" post will be disqualified.

Have fun and good luck. ;)
January 24 7:05am (my time is based on the post times listed in the forum --not sure of the timezone)
Jan 27, 12:18 PM gets my vote.
Less than two minutes from when you post number 1999.
Jan 30th, 2004 at 7:43pm.


If you really like me, this will be the time. After all... you have control when you hit "submit" for the last post. :p