A Morning of Marevas (petit coronas)


Today was a relatively warm day sandwiched between a bunch of cold days so I took the opportunity to smoke a a pair of small cigars with my reading.

First up was an unbanded Cuban relabeled as "SLR Serie A '02." A quick glance showed this was incorrect and the cigar measured out precisely to the Marevas vdg. The wrapper was a delicate but leathery EMS. Lightup was uneventful and the burn was good. Primary flavor notes were medium earthy tobacco and a delightful, fresh pepperiness. This was a good smoke with a clean flavor and well balanced flavor and refreshing aroma. Nice

Second up was a cigar given to me by Strayvector to fulfill the Oneoff on my wishlist, Oneoff is a boutique brand and is not available in the B&Ms in my area. The wrapper was an extremely oily colorado maduro. Tightly bunched yet resilient, it was a bit hard to get going but once it did, this little cigar (which almost conformed to the Marevas vdg in size) released mouthfuls of rich, creamy and dense smoke. The flavor was just delicious. I got a solid base of well-fermented tobacco that was earthy and without any harshness or pepperiness. On top of this was a range of sweet spices and even hints of coconut. The aroma was dense, strong and floral. The ash was very much like one would find in a Habanos, light gray with medium gray striations and fluffy.

The oily nature of the wrapper was amazing. Though the burn in general was good, I had to touch it up a few times. The first time I did, I was shocked as the merest touch of my Blazer set the wrapper on fire! I actually had to blow it out with a puff of breath. This happened one other time during the smoke. I had never before experienced such a thing.

Overall, the Oneoff Mareva was a great cigar that I'd put up against other boutique brands like Tatuaje as well as most Cubans. Though young and not totally equalized, this cigar was very satisfying and showed great promise. I would not hesitate to try others in this brand or to put up a box for aging. Highly recommended.



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Nice review Wilkey! as always. Glad to finally read a review of the Oneoff on this board. I'll get around to trying one one of these days.


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uuuhhhhhhh.....where's the food and libation? No pictures?? What did you do to Wilkey!?!? :whistling:


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Nice reviews Wilkey. Are the Oneoffs the ones with the peace sign on the band that are made from 100% organically grown tobaccos?


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Great review, Wilkey!!! I haven't had much experience with 'boutique' brands, but your comments have encouraged me... suppose my list of 'cigars I'd like to try' is never going to get any shorter! :laugh:

and to echo what was said earlier... I, too, miss the pics :whistling: no cookie ???


Hey Jeff & Jabba,
Too damn cold and not enough time today. Maybe when it gets warmer the snacks will come back. :p

Yes, that's right, these are those very same smokes. Their website is here. I never would have guessed that these were not grown in the modern (insecticides) way. The stick was delicious. They name their vitolas after Cuban vitolas de galera. Several are off by a bit in length but they're nearly faithful.

I hate to break it to ya bud, but the list never gets shorter :D



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I'm in NY on business in a few weeks, right near Davidoff on Madison. They sell singles, and I was going to pick up a few to try. Your review makes me sure I am going to do just that.


At around $8, the Mareva is a bit pricey for the size but about inline with the Tatuaje Noellas. I've never had a Noellas so I can't compare, but this might be a killer head-to-head smoke off. To give you some perspective, they are quite a bit more expensive than Boli PCs but less than the Cohiba Siglo II. IMO, the price is not unreasonable.

The thing I don't quite understand is that they seem to have two lines, an unamed line and one called "Allegria." There is no information about how these two lines differ except in price. The regular Julieta is $11 while the Allegria Julieta is under $7.

If I can find a good source, I might look to do a split. If you're interested, let me know in this thread.




I did a little poking at Perelman's and found that the "Allegria!"line includes the Julietas, Cervantes, Coronas, Robustos and Perfecto frontmarks or models. The cigars in this line are Nicaraguan puros and are described as a "full bodied blend designed for corporate gifts and awards." Don't ask me???

The regular or Oneoff signature line includes: Julietas, Coronas, Robustos, Prominentes, Canonazo, Catuchos, Marevas, Coronas Gordas, Campanas and Laguito No.2. This line has Nicaraguan filler and binder with a Honduran wrapper and is described as "full-bodied."



Yikes! That is one funky looking stick. ??? I wonder if it's a dry cured cigar. If so, that's the biggest one I've ever seen.



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Glad to see that you liked the OneOff. It's too bad that the only store here in Tucson that had them, will no longer stock them. Sounds like a good brand and an interesting cigar to smoke when you need a break from them Cubans.