A Smattering of Short Reviews


I've been smoking. Really I have. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif) In an effort to get caught up and document my recent non-Cuban smoking experiences, I'm lumping a bunch of smokes together in this thread. They range from the surprisingly yummy to the disappointingly bland. There is an even half dozen cigars included in this thread. I've kept the text short but tried to capture the essence of the experience. So if you're ready, tally ho!

1. Mayorga Lonsdale, maduro, 6 x 44 - in other words, a chocolate brownie
The Mayorga regular line is a value-priced, Nicaraguan-made cigar consisting of Nicaraguan filler and binder and a curious Costa Rican maduro wrapper. The wrapper is similar in general appearance to that found in cigars such as the Sancho Panza Double Maduro and even the Padron 1000-series maduros. However, unlike those wrappers, it feels thinner and much more resilient. The prelight aroma of this heavily box-pressed cigar was very earthy and a bit woody.

Once the cigar settled in after the first half-inch, it started delivering mouthfuls of creamy, sweet smoke rich in chocolate and coffee flavor. Although there was a subdued earthiness and a touch of ashiness, the vast majority of the profile consisted of this espresso-brownie character that was just deeeeelicious. The Mayorga was nowhere near as complex or as rich as the Greycliff Espresso Elegante I recently smoked, but at about $2.50 a stick and easily gotten from places like JR Cigars it is far more accessible. This was a tasty, inexpensive cigar and one that I will now stock in my coolers. recommended.

2. Montecristo Peruvian Square Pressed Fer De Lance, maduro, 5 x 44 - a snappy little firecracker
Sporting a dark Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper, this potent little stick has a Dominican binder and Dominican, Honduran, and Peruvian tobacco in the filler. The Monte PSP series is the only cigar that I've had that comes in a cardboard sleeve. Most sleeved cigars sport cedar jackets.

I was moved to try this cigar by the reviews in Cigar Magazine. Their reviewers described it as a peppery and potent cigar and I agree. The broadleaf wrapper adds a bit of earthy sweetness and tempers what might otherwise be a cigar with a harsh edge. Smoke volume was good and the profile was predominantly black pepper and earthy tobacco. Though not complex, the Fer De Lance was not harsh and delivered solid and strong flavor throughout its length. It's quite a little pick-me-up for a hot afternoon smoke.

3. Don Tomas Cameroon Collection Perfecto #2, 5 x 48 - mild, sweet, and easy
I've not been a fan of the Cameroon wrapper. In fact, I honestly have not paid it much attention in my smoking history. But after smoking this Don Tomas, I can see why people might like the attributes that this wrapper and a harmonious blend provides. In addition to the Cameroon wrapper and Dominican binder, the Perfecto #2 has a three-country blend of Dominican, Brazilian, and Mexican leaf in the filler.

The DTCC is a beautifully constructed cigar in a figurado shape that is reminiscent of the La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurados. The wrapper is very attractive and the prelight aroma is light and sweet with touches of hay. Once underway, the #2 delivered moderate volumes of easygoing tobacco flavor. I noticed a distinct sweetness overlaid on mild tobacco and light wood. Overall, this was a friendly, mellow smoke. For my tastes, it was just a bit too light but fans of Macanudo or Helix should consider giving it a spin. Recommended.

I am also providing the following sequence of photographs from the initial lightup. Cigars of this same general shape include the Arturo Fuente Short Story and Work of Art, LGC Reserva Figurados and Ashton VSG Enchantment. The distinguishing feature of this geometry is a foot that tapers down to an open nipple roughly 1/4" in diameter.

For guys who have never lit a cigar like this, one question that sometimes comes up is "do I cut the foot to open up more surface for the flame?" While you could, the better answer is that you don't need to. Simply light up the cigar as you would a straight-sided parejo shape and draw as you normally would. What you should find is that the burn margin (the border between the unburnt leaf and the ash) may wander a bit and perhaps even run a little. However, given a chance, it will even out into a normal burn. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

4. Ramon Allones Gustoso, 5 x 50 - woody and workmanlike
This rather roughly constructed cigar has a Dominican wrapper with a Connecticut broadleaf binder. Filler is a Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Mexican blend.

Overall, my experience with this cigar was neither great nor horrible. The Ramon Allones came across with a fairly generic, woody, mild-medium tobacco flavor. Burn was good but the ash was a tad loose. This middle-of the road smoke didn't have much character but neither was it harsh. Overall, it was just sort of there.

5. Lempira Fuerte Toro, 6 x 52 - peppery, ashy, and none too interesting
The Lempira Fuerte Toro was visually striking. The wrapper was a dark, oily and richly textured Nicaraguan maduro. Underneath the skin was more Nicaraguan tobacco making this the only puro (cigar made with tobaccos from one country only) in the tasting lineup.

Unfortunately, the flavor could not match up to the very nice presentation. I compared notes with two other buddies who've smoked this cigar and we all agree that it had an ashy, sort of smoky flavor to it. Right, it's a cigar and as such, makes smoke. But, the flavor was more like an expended barbecue coals type of smokey. Underneath the smokiness, there was black pepper and dark earth but quite unbalanced. This cigar either needed quite a bit more time to come together or the blend was off. In the end it wasn't enjoyable. What a shame as it's a great looking stick.

6. Bolivar Cofradia 554, 5 x 54 - did I just smoke a cigar?
I like Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. This cigar had it as well as a Connecticut binder and Honduran/Nicaraguan filler. However, I didn't like this cigar. Contrary to the advertising copy that touts this as a powerful, rich and earthy blend, I found it to be almost completely devoid of flavor. Occasionally, hints of medium bodied, dry tobacco would peek out, but most times, it just felt like I was sucking on the end of a dry branch. Blech, what a crappy cigar. Fugly and yucky.



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Nice reviews Wilkey :thumbs: I recently picked up one of the Lempiras because it looked so great. Unfortunately, it tasted like crap :angry: . Your review was right on with my experience.


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Nice reviews Wilkey, but man...those photo's are superb! What camera do you use? I think you might have answered that before, but I can't find it in the search.



The man is back :thumbs: ! Always nice to see that other people think the same things about sticks I have also smoked. Looks like I am going to have to get some Mayorga maddies. The High Octanes were good at initial release, but are thin and lacking now. Good to hear they have another nice stick around for cheap.


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Nice reviews.
I had a Mayorga a little while back and found it to be a mighty fine smoke as well. :thumbs:

So where's that Grape White Owl review? :whistling:


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Nice reviews. What's it like to actually supply the community with content as opposed to the never-ending supply of drivel that make up the vast majority of my posts? Must be nice!
I spent the better part of the alst three days drinking Cisco and M/D 20/20 and smoking pineapple white owls to compare tasting notes with you. I lost my job, my house, and my car, my head is pounding and my mouth tastes like synthesized fruit...and here you are reviewing cigars made out of TOBACCO?


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Thanks for the reviews Wilkey.
These are extremely helpful.
The only cigar I have tried out of the bunch was the Montecristo Peruvian.
My impression was the same; strong, peppery and it burned hot at the end.

I will have to give the Mayorga maduro a try. :thumbs:


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Thanks Wilkey. It's always nice to have something new to strive for. I just placed a bid on the Mayorga.

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Thanks Wilkey, this was very timely for me. Saved me some money and helped me make some choices. :thumbs:



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Nice job. Appreciate the effort. I'll have to put a few of these on my "must try" list....always looking for a good, inexpensive ceegar!


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Ditto on the Bolivar Cofradia. They're really intolerable. I bought some from JR or whoever is the online place that sells them at a "deal" and only after smoking one did I realize that there was absolutely no way in hell I was going to waste humidor space on such a gross, large (8x54) cigar.

They're in league with the DE Egg, the ones you give to people you want to see choke.


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Agreed about the Mayorga High Octane OpusXKC. Nice reviews.