Any Gamers in the forum??


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Well my son and I have both started playing now. I can see it getting addicting. I am going to need to do some reading on the strategy and such
It's a marathon, not a race unless you spend money. focus on getting the stronghold to level 20 (level 21 coming soon) you'll need tons of iron. Don't be tempted to use gems on daily summons, save them for elemental summons with a chance at the hero of the month.

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I play World of Warships by the same company as WoT and have thought about giving the tanks a try. Is it any good?
It's awesome! I've played World of Warships a couple of times and thought it was fun. World of Tanks has more customization options and a couple more options as afar as game play styles.

I highly recommend it!

My gamer stag is IIAspenII

If you decide to give it a try, hit me up prior to signing up, I'll send you an invite! I think itll give us both some extra perks.


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Nice. My kids have a Switch and they can get a lot of classic Nintendo games on it. But not RBI Baseball for some reason. That pissed me off to no end, I loved that game and haven't played it in 20+ years.


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I've been playing my original nintendo a bunch!!! I forgot how often it crashed and how much blowing (pun intended) it required to play. I want to play Zelda all the way through but can only get it to stay on for 30 minutes tops!!304473044830449