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Arturo Fuente Rare Pink 1960 Short Story


I'm kind of a big deal
Mar 12, 2020
Rare Pink 1960 Short Story
Wrapper smells like sweet hay
Dry draw raisin
1/3 Great smoke output, very smooth, cedar, leather, coffee, no profile overpowering the other, light pepper on the retro
2/3 Still great smoke output starting to taste a sweet nutty flavor a little spice still there but not much, coffee, nutty, earth, maybe nutmeg that has a little spice on the retro that seems to be long lasting starting to pick up some tannins as well, starting to taste some cream as we get closer to finishing the 2/3, burn is perfect
3/3 tons of smoke still, burn still perfect, Ash finally dropped, smoked wood, almond, sweet spice, leather, creamy coffee finish, it has been consistent throughout and is a great medium/full smoke...
Smoke time 1 hour