Ashton VSG Tres Mystique


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This year seems to have gone by really quick. Hard to believe Christmas is only a few days away. I’m so looking forward to seeing my baby girl’s face when she comes into the living room, priceless. Also looking forward to Christmas dinner, having a huge Boston Butt ham slow cooked in the crock pot with all the fixins. My stomach is growling already!

It’s freezing out this morning, temperature right at 30F, with a layer of frost over everything outside. The sky is crystal clear with the sun already peeking over the tree line, looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day. I bundle up and head out with a well aged Ashton VSG Tres Mystique, a smaller smoke so as to not be out too long. I start out sitting in my car with the window cracked and heat on. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this cigar smokes, so punch the head and find a perfect draw, then put fire to the foot.

With the foot burning nice and even, I take a couple puffs, then a long draw and find a small amount of spice on the back of the throat with the strength somewhat mild. Flavor is incredibly rich right from the start with tastes of sweet, dark cocoa, delicious toasted nuts, and a hint of vanilla.

After a few more draws, the strength moved from mild to medium with the medium bodied smoke flowing effortlessly through the perfect draw. The burn is sharp with a medium gray ash forming that is strong, holding until tapped off at about three-quarters inch. Flavors are simply delicious and very rich, leaving a lasting finish on the palate.

About halfway, I decide to leave the car and move over to the side of the house facing the sun where it’s actually rather nice. The cigar performs perfectly through the halfway mark and into the final third with sharp burn, strong ash, rich, smooth medium bodied smoke and an incredible finish that lasts on the palate. This was an excellent smoke!



Greg, you are a warrior! I bitch when it gets into the high 50's! :laugh:

Great review my friend on an excellent cigar. Those VSG's are mouth watering good...I need some in the humi now that you mention it! Time to pick up a fiver or two. :D


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Last time I read one of your reviews I had to look up where you live and look at the weather reports! Damn! I am does not sound like it gets any better.

Thanks for the review, I really hope to try a VSG some day. I was just thinking that I had not seen a review from you in a while, must have been busy.


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These are always a pleasure to smoke. You can never go wrong the the Tres!!


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These never disappoint. VSGs in general, and this particular size have got to be one of the most consistent cigars I've smoked. One of the cigars I always have on hand.

Good review, Greg.


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Nice review Greg, like most others I find these some of the best out there. My favorite line of smokes.



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Excellent review and an excellent cigar, Greg!! Funny how these lose their box pressed shape after some time. I had to label my rounds because the rest of my Belis are starting to round out too.