BBQ Herf #3 - WV/DC/MD/NoVA


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Those of you who've been around awhile might recall the previous BBQ Herfs. Wild Wonderful, West Virginia. Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River. If not, a quick search should suffice.


My bro called to sing a sorry-assed rendition of "happy birthday" yesterday. After clearing the crap from my my ears, he proceeded to surprise me by asking what I thought about the two of us hosting another BBQ herf. I told him I thought it was a great idea, but asked if his spouse (who obviously runs his frickin' household) had given it her stamp of approval, tacit or otherwise. He said, "Who cares? Let's do it anyway." It's his funeral, so I agreed to post a thread here to guage interest.

Anyone interested in attending a BBQ Herf this summer? If so, post here and let us know if we should start planning. We're thinking mid-summer, but post dates that wsork or don't for you and your families.

Same location as the previous ones. My brother's place on the Shenandoah. Camping is allowed. Cigars, booze and poker are encouraged. Fun and cameraderie are required.

EDIT TO ADD: The dates have been set for the BBQ Herf.

JULY 27-29, 2012
Charles Town, WV -- Same location as the last two herfs. The address is:

1123 Avon Bend Road
Charles Town, WV

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UPDATE ON THE BBQ HERF (added 7/10/12):

We are getting close! The herf is still scheduled for Saturday, the 28th. Although that will be the day of the official herf and the BBQ, we encourage everyone to make this a weekend event. Here is the current agenda that we have lined up. Feel free to participate in any or all of the activities, or even strike off on your own to create your own (mis)adventure.

Friday, July 27th
  • Casa Hawk is open for camping next to the river. Bring your standard camping gear. Not sure that I'd take a Class A down the hill, but everything else should be fine.
  • Food is on your own. We will have a grill available if needed.
  • Poker games, drinking and all around merriment are known to occur upon your arrival and continue into the wee hours.

Saturday, July 28th
  • Breakfast is own your own.
  • Float the Shenandoah. Bring your inner tubes, floaties, or choice of personal watercraft. We usually start this around 11:00, but we're flexible.
  • BBQ Lunch/Dinner. We try to have the food ready for chowing down in the mid-afternoon. We are asking for everyone eating the prepared meal to chip in $15 per head. That's what it is costing us to get Billy's Backyard BBQ.
  • Poker Tournament. This usually kicks off around 7pm. We will likely have a tourney for cash (for the non-smokers) and one for cigars. Again, we will be flexible.

General Notes
  • If you have any pop-up tents/awnings, please bring 'em. They may not be needed, but it will be nice to have if they are.
  • A port-a-pottie will be on site for your use.
  • Be sure to bring enough chairs for your group.
  • BYOB! Don't be mooching my tequila, ya bastids!
  • This is a herf, so bring plenty of cigars to smoke.
  • Den's place is a bit off the beaten path, so a GPS or good directions from MapQuest will be needed.
  • We will be herfing on the bank of the Shenendoah, so feel free to bring swimming tunks, fishing poles, etc.

Other things to do
There are several attractions nearby that you might want to consider while you're close. Just a few are:
  • Charles Town Race Track and Casino. The casino has slot machines, table games and a poker room, if you're interested.
  • Harper's Ferry National Historical Park. I'd recommend a trip here if you've never been. Awesome way to spend a few hours.
  • Visit local wineries. Several wineries are within an hour's drive.


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Hmmm, it's only 450 miles from me in SC. May be doable depending when it is......

That is if us Southerners are invited too? ???

P.S. I was born in CT so I'm really a yankee by heart. :thumbs:


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Would love to if the date can be made to work for Britishfields and I. Right now our book is pretty much open with enough notice..............Kid friendly???


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Whopper, I'm a Georgia boy, so Southerners are prefered and Northerners are tolerated. :laugh: Jut kidding of course. Hell, even Yankee and Dallas Cowboy fans are welcome, as long as they can take a good-natured ribbing.

As for kid friendly, I'd have to answer "mostly." Shooter's infamous towel malfuntion at BBQ Herf #1 might not qualify, nor his drunken stagger around the fire pit, but most of the time, it's fairly tame. Many of the past visitors have brought family and kids. We float the river, have a BBQ, toss some cornhole bags, etc., etc. Late night partying and poker playing is about as bad as it gets.

If anyone has preferred dates, let me know. We obviously can't go with everyone's suggestions, but we will look at them all and see what works best with our schedules. I will be traveling from Idaho for the event, so we will nail down the dates as far in advance as possible.