Best holiday wishes to all!


I just wanted to take this early opportunity to wish all my CigarPass brothers and sisters a most joyous holiday season. Whether your holiday is Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, I hope that it will be filled with all that makes life the rich and wonderful blessing that it truly is.

********* Warning! Philosophical digression ahead. *********

I haven't been around much lately for a number of reasons. School, job hunting, family, etc. You know, the standard stuff. But I've also taken some time away to examine my expectations of the whole forum well as my place in all of this.

Sometimes things get intense. I get intense especially when viewpoints clash. I reflected on this and came to the realization that I was drifting down a dangerous road. I wasn't proud of my own behavior. And worse, I was starting to believe my own hype, a serious form of self-delusion that often leads to disaster. I had lost sight of the natural, fluid nature of relations on the forum and started to pressure myself to teach and preach the example rather than lead by example. The example of charitable, inclusive, positive brotherhood and friendship.

As I think of it now, there really and truly is no such thing as a FOG. No one ever really attains the title because it is not a condition or a state. It is a process and an unending one that requires periodic reflection and the ruthless honesty to admit failure so that a wrong path can be righted. Traveling the road of FOG means to be just when you see wrongdoing. To be gracious when one is wrong. To be charitable when one is right. To be virtuous but never righteous. To be called a FOG does not mean you have achieved something. Rather, in the best of cases, it means that others have recognized your commitment to promoting that which is good for the one as well as the all and in a way that is consistent with fostering personal dignity.

Meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha.

I have met the Buddha...

In the coming year, I still may not visit or post as much as I used to. But you have my word that when I do, it'll be in the true spirit of the best that this community has to offer.

With kind regards,


I love you Rocky & Sammie and Bee...thank you
Don't be mistaken. You lead by example. Happy Holidays to you my friend.


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Thank You for your wonder-full well wishes.

What you wrote is a beautiful example of what makes people so special.
I'm honored to know you.



Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide
I gotta get whatever he's smoking.

Have a great holiday with yours also Wilkey.


Happy Holidays Wilkey. I agree with Marcos that you do lead by example. I've learned an enormous amount from you and I'm sure you aren't even aware of it. Hope to keep on seeing you here.


Quietly getting back into the cigar culture.....
PS: This is what part of the alphabet would look like without Q and R....

but really

Happy Holidays form my family to yours.



Take it easy Wilkey Wong....

Enjoy the holidays as much as I will, good beer and a damn fine cigar...


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I like the way you think very humble i think anybody can use a mentor like yourself.
happy holidays to you and you loved ones. be safe


You can observe a lot by just watching
Very well put Wilkey! I wish you and your family well in the coming year and a very joyous holiday :thumbs:

Macion Grey

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I dunno, you don't seem that bad to me ;D.

Have a good holidays. I expect to see you bright and early, posting vigorously and thoughtfully early next year. You are a FOG weather you want to be or not :D.


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You're just a slacker. What's with this school, work, family stuff? Sounds like you're bored!

Life is a road it has bumps, twists and turns. You my friend are in mid journey, thanks for the viewpoint. Sometimes we all get lost with what a priority should be, myself included.

Now start posting some reviews, I miss the desert and picture reviews!


Wilkey, thanks for the Holiday wishes and I hope you and your family have a great one. You have led a lot of us down the right path in how we conduct ourselves here, and I for one appreciate it. I also hope you don't spend too much time away from us because we'll miss ya man.

Happy Holidays.