Bill's Cigar Review Contest by MNBrian for Illusione H-Town Lancero


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Great review. When the temps are super low, and the ambient RH is commensurately low, it's common to see wrappers blow up. Believe it or not, no kidding, give your smoke a quick dip under some tap water so the wrapper is wet before you smoke it. A second or two is all it takes. Works wonders, keeps those fragile wrappers intact when it's dry as a bone outside.

We don't have those extreme low temps around here, but when it's below freezing, I use this trick all the time. Of course, a nice warm cigar lounge is even better......:cool:


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quick dip under some tap water
Indeed, this works great. I think Min Ron Nee mentioned doing this, and claiming it makes for a tastier smoke. I've never paid attention, but may now since it's starting to get pretty cold, and I will probably let a smoke or two go skinny dipping. I sort of blew it off thinking, "well cigars never taste exactly the same anyway, how would I really know?"


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My favorite review of the bunch. We need to change your nickname to Magic MN Brian. I can't imagine you could actually feel your hands by the time you got done.

On a side note, I pledged not to buy anymore cigars until I resumed smoking cigars, but the limited nature and stellar reviews of this particular cigar might have me breaking that promise. Besides, its almost a holiday, and doesn't everyone get an MLK holiday present?
Did you end up buying a box?!? I'm hoping so! I want to see how you rate them!


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Did you end up buying a box?!? I'm hoping so! I want to see how you rate them!
Not yet. With the cold and work travel I didn't want them sitting out in the cold until I got home. I will in a couple of weeks.


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Only thing missing was you torching some staples and staple gunning them into your nipples for some extra heat.

Great job, thanks for the review.