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Bingo Bomb!


whiskey is the flower of my people.
Aug 16, 2020
Hello Gents!

I have devised a new way to give out some sticks to our participating members of this community. I'm calling it bingo bomb, I will provide some bingo cards for you to download and fill in numbers in what ever order you would like. After you have your cards printed and filled out post em up here. I will select 1 cigar from my humidor and post its picture. Then I will run the bingo balls from our at home bingo machine and post the ball here as well.

I will draw 2 balls every day until there is a winner then I will mail the daily sticks to our winner.

I am hoping to get at least 10 participants.

The game is open to anyone who is a member in good standing, newbs an all.
Download the bingo card attached to this message. (Right click save then save as)
Print your bingo card and fill it out with numbers 1-75
Post your printed card after you have filled out your numbers.
If you get a bingo YOU have to reply with bingo and a picture of your winning card
After a quick fact check you get all those tasty sticks!