Blind Cigar Review Thread #2

Conclusion and guess:

I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is an ISOM. The triple cap, excellent construction, and unbelievable flavor are pretty much a giveaway. I say this only having ever smoked 2 ISOM's in my life. One was earlier this week, a Juan Lopez, the other was in 1997, and I honestly cant remember what it was. Given that hypothesis, and the clue in the enclosed note. I am going to guess this to be a Montecristo Petit Edmundo.
Great review. This cigar was actually a LFD Cameroon Robusto. It was purchased in May of 2008 from The Outlaw in KC. I hope Litto doesn't track CP, but this is honestly a cigar I think could sell for much more than it does (about $7 a stick). It actually comes unlabeled, but I didn't want to give anything away, which is why I asked 'nobius' to pm me when he had finished.

Again, great review; and I'm very glad you enjoyed that cigar. Definitely a favorite of mine.


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I think we're all waiting with bated breath for tsmckenney's review of the blind smoke I sent to him.


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semi tight draw, a hint of spice there. the cigar itself smells good, a slightly odd scent to it though, not sure how to describe it

lights well, seems to have a familiar taste, not sure what to make of it yet.

first third:
has a bit of a sweetness going, not sure what to think of it yet. Good tobacco flavor, still seems familiar. I want to say this has some age on it, the smoke is easy on the nose and the flavor is very smooth, hmmm. Very creamy tobacco flavor, still a little sweet moving into the middle of the third. Getting a kind of odd taste moving into the later part of the third, not quite sure how to describe it, but it's not a good odd.

Second third:
Getting less smoke now, the taste has taken a bit of a turn, slightly bitter now, purged to get it burning better but the bitterness is still there. Turns into a slightly grassy taste, slightly bitter towards the end of the second third.

final third:
Still grassy, with a weird flavor that sits on the tongue, slightly spicy and bitter, odd. The bitterness and grassyness seem to be trading places often, rather strange. The scent of the smoke has changed as while, slightly harsher, not as pleasing as before. Coming down the home stretch there's a bit of nuttiness coming through, still a little bitter, though. Gonna have to put this one out with a bit over an inch left it's quite cold out here and my hands are hurting hehe.


My guess? I'm gonna say, hmmm. Something rocky patel, maybe? I'm really not sure, there was no band in the package so I guess I'll have to wait for Nobius to chime in here, but my guess is gonna be rocky patel decades, heh.


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There was no band b/c I wanted to discourage "cheating" so that this stick would get a fair shake.

Excellent review. And interesting that you would guess Patel.

This is actually a Macanudo 1968. I know, I know: Friends don't let friends smoke Mac's.

But I actually like this one, and like the idea of letting someone try one with no preconceived notions.


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Ah damn! Funny thing is that was sitting right next to my mac68 in the same size and I didn't even think of it. Wow, nice send, very nice. Definitely a different flavor profile than the shorter version I tried.
Okie dokie. Here's the my blind review.

The smoke:

Had to use the camera on my phone, but this covers it pretty well. The size was near 6" (an easy guess for me :laugh: ;) ??? :( ) x 46ish (waaaaay bigger than that :thumbs: ).

The foot of the cigar smelled of sweetgrass and tobacco. The cap clipped nicely. Initial flavors were sweetgrass and tobacco, with a bitter finish. A couple blondes sat down across from where I was smoking. One was pretty large, the other sort of medium and forgettable. For some reason, I couldn't shake my attention away from the large girl. She had the most amazing hair. Yeah, that's what I said: hair. It was like watching some girl's head bounce through a Pert commercial. They probably don't even have those commercials anymore, do they? Amazing hair this girl had, and a cute face to benefit upon that. Unlike most fat...I mean big girls nowadays, she had a proportionate body, which means she had very large breasts. Sure enough, off came her little fall jacket and it was breasts and hair for days.

So, if any of you guys plan to relocate to the Twin Cities, and kinda have a thing for big blondes with tremendous ahhh... and really Class A sexy hair... I've got just the girl for you. LMK.

So, the cigar. Well, the first third was quite mild, nearly non-existent besides it's bitter finish. Possibly some kind of Honduran blend. I found the taste to be similar to the Flor de Oliva, which would be my guess if I'd ever seen one in this size.

Into the second third, the body of the cigar becomes more medium in strength, flavor is mostly the same. I'm now thinking there could be some Nicaraguan tobacco here, but not in that Pepin sense. At the half-way point, I can see that the cigar isn't going anywhere else. I tossed it. For a guess, I would have to stay with Flor de Oliva. It's the only thing I've smoked that rang close to this, and sadly, I would not deem this to be an enjoyable cigar; which just goes to show that one man's treasure is another man's dog rocket. So it goes.

What was it? Oliva Serie G. I'm a little surprised, but of course, Serie G... G Smoke... duh. I enjoy the Serie G in the small torpedo size, but this was flat in comparison. The sweetness was from the wrapper obviously. The filler is Nicaraguan. Hmmm. So, what did I learn here today, kids? I guess I learned to stick with the smaller sized G's, and maybe try a fat blonde.


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Hmm. That's a good point. Now I feel like I let you guys down. If it hadn't been for my dedication to this review, perhaps I could have swayed her into a parking garage nooner. :) Woulda been tight in the Cooper, but what the hell.
I had to re-read that line about 5 times to make sure it didn't say what I thought it said. :sign:


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Nice job, TS. Pretty good on the guessing too.

Truth be told, I haven't been 100% sold on these Serie Gs myself. I guess I kind of wanted to see what a blind taster would have to say. I liked the little special G size, but found these coronas to be a little lacking something.

Sorry to use you as a guinea pig, but I think you got paid in eye candy (high caloric and enjoyable).



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Needless to say I was very excited to do my first blind cigar review so I did smoked it the day I got it. I must say I am no cigar expert and I had no idea, not even the slightest, what I was about to smoke. So here goes nothing.

The cigar measure 5 3/4" by 50/52 ring gauge. The wrapper was slightly toothy with a few veins and had a nice rosadoish hue to it. It was firm and had a triple cap which gave me a slight idea it might be Cuban.

The cigar reeked of cocoa and coffee bean. Big time. This drew me away from the thought of it being Cuban so it ruled that option out. I have only smoked a hand full of different CCs and the aroma did not remind me of any of them. HMMMM.

Pre lit Draw
Faint coffee bean and damp earth with some lingering leather.

1st third
Sweet smoke. Cocoa and coffee bean with a little leather on the finish. Delicious. Excellent construction with a near prefect burn. Very little spice but its there. Very smooth. Definitely Nicaraguan filler and a corojo wrapper. The ash is a little flaky but it is holding on. Medium in strength.

2nd third
Ahhh. Good leather with earth on a long, tasty finish. I can still taste the fresh tobacco from each draw. Yummy! It is very windy which is causing the burn to slightly tunnel on one side. Getting milder in strength.

Last third
I'm cold. The wind is picking up. My camera sucks. Battery died. The cigar is very good though. Tons of leather and damn fine tasting fresh tobacco. The cigar itself has become mild-medium at best in strength but remain medium-full flavored. The wind is becoming quite bothersome now. I put it down with an inch and a half left.

I have no idea what I just smoked. I would have guessed a Padron 4000 natural but the flavor profile doesn't match up plus the Padron is more a little more creamy and full. The Padron 4000 does not have a triple cap either. It feels like I have smoked this stick before but I am drawing a blank. Maybe its something by Pepin that I have not got around to trying yet. It lacks the Pepin like spice which makes me think it might be a new Padilla stick.

My guess is something Padilla.

WRONG! It was a El Rey de Los Habanos Toro. Holy smokes! This cigar must of had some rest because I have had a few ERDLHs before and it wasn't as good as this one. This cigar was complex and greating tasting. WOW! I didn't get that Pepin smack either. These sticks are more mild than any of his other lines but nonetheless just as flavorful.

Thanks for the great treat Tom.



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Glad you enjoyed it, Joe. Not a ton of rest... I got the box back around the end of Jan / beginning of Feb of this year. So, figure about 8 months.

I still owe a review, which will be getting done during lunch today.


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My review:
First of all I have to apologize for not having pictures with this review. I smoked this cigar tonight, outside in the dark. You can see the unbanded cigar in my picture in the pass thread. This cigar is probably 6.5*46 with a dark wrapper and a pigtail cap. The pigtail looked very familiar to me, and gave me a hint about what this cigar might be.

Pre-light draw:
I clipped the cap of this cigar with my Xikar, and the pre light draw seemed a bit loose. It had a nice flavor of tobacco and some light spice.

First 1/3:
This cigar started out with a medium strength spice, and some hints of coffee. It gave off good volumes of smoke, probably due to the fairly loose draw. I immediately was struck by the fact that this cigar had a very familiar taste profile to me. I think I have this one figured out already, but we will see.

Second 1/3:
The cigar picked up in strength at this point, and it had a little bit of harshness to it. Not to bad, but not really rounded out. The ash on this cigar doesn't hold together very well, but that may be due to the loose roll. This stick may have me totally fooled, but I think I've got it nailed.

Final 1/3:
This cigar finishes with a medium peppery kick, but started to get hot towards the end and a little bitter. I put it down with about 2 inches left.

Based on the pigtail cap, and the familiar peppery taste I have been sure almost from the start that this thing is a Pepin blended cigar. I was little disappointed that the roll on this cigar was a bit loose so it contributed to a slightly uneven burn, a weak ash, and slight harshness as it burned hot.

My guess: Based on the size, taste, and appearance I'm guessing it's a San Cristobal Guajiro.

The reality: Well, I was close. I had Pepin nailed, but wrong cigar. This was an Ashton Benchmade. That explains that ash as this is a mixed filler cigar. I will say that for the price, this would be a great cigar to buy a box of, and put down for a year or so to see if the flavor mellows just a little and rounds out more. A quality inexpensive cigar. I would smoke more of these.

Thanks Joe, I appreciate your generosity.