Bolivar Especial No. 2 RE (Germany) LRE AGO09


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It’s been a very decent weekend, almost spring like with warm temps and very little wind. The wife and baby girl have been gone to Columbia since last Thursday and just arrived back today, boy am I glad to see them. After lots of lovin’ time, the wife went into terrorizing the house with cleaning and Jess jumped on the computer (yep, not even four yet and clicks away like a pro), so I grabbed the Bolivar Especial No. 2 that Dave (4cbln3) graciously gifted to me and headed out the back door.

The cigar is long and sleek with a golden brown wrapper that has a slight oiliness, noticeable tooth, and one prominent vein running the length to the nice triple cap on top. It feels firm when squeezed, has nice bunching in the foot with a sweet tobacco smell in the nose, and after punching the cap I find the draw has only a slight over resistance with a straightforward tobacco taste coming through.

With fire to the foot, I take a couple quick puffs and then a long draw. There’s a good amount of spice at first with a medium strength smoke over the palate that is quite smooth, almost creamy. After a few more draws, the spice settles down and flavors really pick up to a deliciously rich sweet caramel, roasted nut, leather, and what seems like a hint of black licorice in the finish, which is somewhat short.

The burn is razor sharp through the first third with a medium gray ash forming that falls easily on its own after about an inch in. Good medium strength smoke is flowing effortlessly through the perfect draw with just the right amount of peppery spice hitting the back of the tongue and throat. Flavors are consistent, quite rich on the palate and in the nose as I slowly exhale, however the finish, although really good initially, doesn’t last very long.

Halfway through this bad boy, the strength seemed to escalate to almost full with really rich flavor coming through on the palate. Not sure why, but the draw wanted to tighten up on me as well at one certain point. However the burn continued to be sharp with more than enough smooth, creamy smoke coming through with a nice spice on the palate and in the nose.

Through the final third, the cigar performed flawlessly with sharp burn, perfect draw, and tons of delicious, rich smoke that was right at full strength. Spice was abundant and hitting the back of the tongue and throat just right with an excellent finish that began lasting more and more as I got closer to the end. Bolivar…there is no substitute.



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This is a very good cigar IMHO. I had a couple of singles, but there are now gone and I can't bring myself to open a box.


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OOOOOHH!!! Looks outstanding! Is this the only offering from Bolivar in the lancero format?

I loves me some lanceros!


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When I saw John's review of it, I had to pull one out and see for myself. Ended up killing a good 1-1/2 hrs on this stick Greg. Mine also had a firm draw in the beginning and also crept up on me on the last 1/3. Very good cigar while watching Marley and Me, kinda had a salty flavor at the end or it coulda been the tears from the movie.

Thanks for putting in words what I don't have the talent for!


Dang, nice review and pictures as always, Greg! :thumbs: Great looking cigar, and in my favorite size none the less. I guess I will have to try and get my hands on a few of these! :laugh: